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  1. hi. a blind it student doing a web based audio space invaders game for the blind. pulled different bits of code from different tutorials to learn. now, need some mentoring. if any javascript or scripting gurus here, need your help. have done the code, but not sure if it is right, can some one help me out and take a look, then show me a better way to do things. then i then need to go and find a mespeak.js speech api, and then some more human voices, and see if i can find a tutorial. about how to speak out the objects on the screen, and also then just need multiplayer, regions area, updates, and
  2. hi. doing certificate iv programming from http://www.upskilled.edu.au. and now looking to do a mobile space invaders game which is accessible to the blind and sighted. a few other sighted friends doing images, audio clips, background music. did find a space invaders game engine and also a accesswibility extension for the java script canvas. now, any other better engines, you know of or have found, to compare and use as a guide. let me know. thanks.
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