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  1. zeeshan

    Auto bots

    Its Pokemon Vortex.
  2. I don't have much knowledge but it looks amazing so far!
  3. zeeshan

    Auto bots

    I need a small help, that is i want to record a game battle online and replay it. That was only possible through Imarcos but now the game has gone more advanced and the ATTR value changes every new battle. IS there any other way i can do that apart from Imarcos?
  4. zeeshan

    Auto bots

    How can we make an auto bot?
  5. zeeshan

    Imacro issue

    Does any one has any knowledge about the Imacro coding? I have a doubt that can a form id change for every time we refresh the page?
  6. zeeshan

    Correction Needed

    The registration form doesn't store it. I want some help.
  7. zeeshan

    Correction Needed

    I have. But i will check it again.
  8. zeeshan

    Correction Needed

    Where should i add this?
  9. zeeshan

    Correction Needed

    I have remade few coded just by editing them. Actually the thing is they are not redirecting after the registration. I want the registration page redirect me to a thankyou.php page and then from there to login.php page. I'm unable to do this.The thing is I'm being registered but when i try to login it shows the particular e-mail address wasn't found please check this code. register.php <?phprequire_once 'db.php';$page_mode = isset($_POST['page_mode']) ? $_POST['page_mode'] : '';$error_string = '';if ($page_mode == 'register'){ $email = trim($_POST['email']); // trim to remove whitespace
  10. Sorry for the double post.i got this message from the page when i registered.Warning: preg_match() [function.preg-match]: Unknown modifier '+' in /www/zxq.net/p/o/k/pokemoncratoz/htdocs/register.php on line 47Please enter a valid email address.The password and confirmation password do not match.
  11. this is a online mmorpg (massive mulitiplayer online role playing game.).The above page is just a testing page i made.i have to make everything secret there or else members will start registering.
  12. so what should i change it into to make it perfect like this $conf_password= $_POST['conf_password'];
  13. hi i quite made a script like this but when i enter the data into it it says please enter a correct confirmation password by the way check it your selfs herewww.pokemoncratoz.zxq.net/register.phphere is the code please tell me where is the problem <?phprequire_once 'db.php';$page_mode = isset($_POST['page_mode']) ? $_POST['page_mode'] : '';$error_string = '';if ($page_mode == 'register'){$username = $_POST['Username'];$email = trim($_POST['Email']);$password = $_POST['Password'];$Confirm_password = $_POST['Confirm_password'];if (!isValidEmail($email))$error_string .= 'Please enter a valid
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