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  1. dsonesuk, Thank you for your colorful syntax and use of expression's, I surely appreciate a colorful vocabulary. Peace,
  2. justsomeguy, thanks for the info. Peace,
  3. Holo, A couple of quick questions ... First: The following is working ... HTML <input type="checkbox" name="bookme" value="Yes" id="book_me" class="checkBx" /> PHP php if(empty($_POST['bookme'])) { $bookme = ""; } When I select the box and submit the form I receive an email and see that the box has been selected; my question is, is this the correct way to code a checkbox to achieve the result I want? ==================================================== Second question ... I would like to format my <textarea> so that the "Message" I receive, via f
  4. Ingolme, Thanks for your prompt reply, Unfortunately I'm not an easy learner; html and css were fairly simple for me to learn but learning code, PHP, JS and the like has been a HUGE challenge for me. I find that I learn, a little better, when I can take the code apart, kind of dissecting it if you will. But if you were to ask me to write one on my own I wouldn't know where to start; one of the reasons I didn't proceed further with Flash, and I love Flash, but the coding side of it was not sticking. Anyway, thank you my friend, I'll look into the sendMail, perhaps I haven't a
  5. Quick question ... I downloaded a contact form script from www.freecontactform.com, their free version; html, php and js. If the script works when I use easyPHP DevServer, should it not also work when I upload it to a live server? I'm not getting any errors but I'm not getting any emails either. Peace,
  6. justsomeguy, Thank you for your reply, Thanks for pointing out the "Hyphen" error, I totally missed that; now corrected. As for the code, I believe you're referencing the following: if ($_SERVER["REQUEST_METHOD"] == "POST"){ if (empty($_POST["name"])){ $nameError = "Name is required"; } else { $name = test_input($_POST["name"]); //check if name contains only letteres and whitespce if (!preg_match("/^[a-zA-Z ]*$/",$name)) { $nameError = "Only letters and white-space allowed"; } } and they all look the same but for the "variable names", I took it straight from the W3Schools tuto
  7. Ingolme, Thanks for your reply, unfortunately changing my contact.html to contact.php didn't work. When I submit the page no validation takes place and no redirect to contact.php, a blank page loads with the following URL http://joseantonio.biz/contact_form.php which is the php document I'm using to validate the form. ??????? The only thing that happened after changing the file to .php was that now a 0 appears under "enter text as seen above". Even though it does not appear when I edit the document (I use Notepad) nor does it appear when I view it locally nor does it appear when
  8. Hello, I recently had to migrate from one hosting package to another (Classic to cPanel) and in the process my Contact Form stopped functioning. Using the W3Schools PHP tutorials I created the following PHP file: <?php // define variables and or set to empty values $to = "jose@joseantonio.biz"; $subject = "Web Contact Form"; $name = ""; $email = ""; $message = ""; $value-check = ""; $header = "From: $email"; // define Error variables $nameError = ""; $emailError = ""; $messageError = ""; if ($_SERVER["REQUEST_METHOD"] == "POST"){ if (empty($_POST["name"])){ $nameError = "Nam
  9. Okay, For those who may be following this thread and wondering; has this fool figured it out yet? I removed the btnsMC from the timeline and simply used the colorsBtn, and the other three as well. So, no tweening, a straight jump from small btns to large btns, and used the following code: on (release) { _root.colorsBtn.enabled = true; unloadMovie(mcHolder);} and it worked. (??????) So, I aks, why did the above code work but this one: on (release) { _root.btnsMC.colorsBtn.enabled = true; unloadMovie(mcHolder);} did not? The only difference is that I removed the btnsMC where
  10. I created a new file testONE.fla I copied the btnsMC onto layer two. created a new mcHolder mc and placed it above the btnsMC, layer one, just like in my original file. all the AS is the same as in my original FLA I tested the movie and then I published the movie and everything worked accordingly. SO WHY ISN'T MY original not working? Makes no sense, obviously something's wrong somewhere
  11. Hey Man, You rock, both are available to me in MX 6.0 and they worked like a charm; went with enabled, on (release){this.colorsBtn.enabled = false;loadMovie("movies/colorsMC.swf", _root.mcHolder);} That said, the reversal, having the colorsBtn re-enabled when I unLoadMovie (mcHolder) isn't working. I know it's a target issue but I can't figure it out. The colorsBtn, along with three other buittons, is nested on the _root of an MC; btnsMC. I did it this way so they'd all be on the same layer and I could just simply fade the btnsMC in and out. I then placed a button on the root
  12. I know Flash MX 6.0 is older than dirt but its what I use, im not a developer, im an artis/actor so please help if you can. I have a button on one layer that when clicked will load an swf into an empty MC on the layer above it, everything works fine except that the button remains active under the MC. How can I disable the button so that it doesn't trigger any of its events? Peace, Elemental
  13. Got it, My error was the way I was targetting the compText movie clip. Instead of: _root.compInfo.compText._y = 30.1; I should have been using: _parent.compText._y = 30.1; where _parent is the main timeline of the movie clip compInfo, the mc where compText resides (is nestted) If you're reading this and find that I'm wrong, please correct me. Peace, Elemental
  14. I'll skip the intro and get right to the point. I have the following code on Buttons top Button / text to scroll up on (press, keyPress "<Down>") { compText.onEnterFrame = function() { if (this._y<30.1) { this._y += 25; } };}on (release, releaseOutside, rollOut) { compText.onEnterFrame = "0";} bottom Button / text to scroll down on (press, keyPress "<Up>") { compText.onEnterFrame = function() { if (this._y>-365) { this._y -= 25; } };}on (release, releaseOutside, rollOut) { compText.onEnterFrame = "0";} these work fine scrolling the text field within the compTex
  15. Hello Folks, Okay, so after working on the wife's site and realizing I'm better suited for what I love to do... Don't get me wrong you guys rock and I'll probably work on really simple stuff (simple to me) or help out here and there when I'm not on stage or shooting... So, in her words... What platform would you guys recommend for a non-technical person to be able to create and update, on her own, a business website; platform should include but not be limited to: email marketing, ecommerce, blogging, video conferencing, pod casting, etc. I would appreciate any suggestions you may have. Peac
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