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    Motorbikes, Cars, Computers (Web Design), Music (Rap), Dogs, Aircraft oh and dont forget the ladys. :)<br /><br />I have only been playing round with websites for about 8 months and only been using computers for about 14 months now so go easy on me guys.

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  1. I am 24Started using computers = 18 months agoHTML/XHTML = 1 year agoCSS = 6 months agoDone a tiny bit of Javascript but not enough really say I have learnt it, I spent a couple of weeks playing around with it but then found it is mostly a waste, and I would be better learning a server-side language first such as PHP, same again I have done a couple of weeks playing around with it but then have been so busy I have not had chance to properly get stuck into it now I am doing SEO work for a few sites. But as soon as I get some spare time I will get stuck into learning some more PHP.
  2. Sound mate. :)That site also has a lot of other good CSS tutorials too, its a very handy site to know as is A List Apart if you plan on doing lots of CSS work and like to have your sites st5andards compliant.
  3. Here is a nice tutorial on how to do it. http://css.maxdesign.com.au/floatutorial/tutorial0916.htm
  4. Your XHTML has to be valid before you can validate you CSS.
  5. Very nice work mate. I think the header image is too large though.I also prefer fluid designs myself as the make the most of the space given as on my computer it seems very thin. As it is a fixed width though and I see so much of your background, I think making the background with some dual tone diagonal lines would look better I like that look myself.But great work mate well done.
  6. Looks good, but I dont like frames, it has a horizontal scroll bar for window smaller than 1024x768 also you have not used a doctype.You have not put values for your alt attribute and have widths and height for your images when there is no need that should be set by its real value not with html, if you want the image smaller crop it in an image editor if it is the right size then there is no need to set the width and height, it does make your coding non-valid and is extra code for no reason.But looks good matey.
  7. Nobody is attacking you dude.This is a reveiw section though and the site you posted had nothing to reveiw so the replys you got you must have been expecting surly.
  8. Why would you post it on here then?
  9. No.But if you have you menu and header in include files that works well. PHP IncludeSSI Includeor you can use CSS to emulate fames.Emulate frames tutorialEDIT and by the look of it your blog entrys too
  10. johneva

    Tables or Css?

    New browsers do near enough.New browsers already have problems reading poor coding and that will become more and more noticeable as newer versions come out and standards change more and more.All they would need to do is get rid of quirks mode and then people would have to code page properly or the page would not work properly.XHTML is more strick than HTML so this forces better coding too.
  11. If that is your only reason for using them you can use scrollable divs which work much better.Scrollable div tutorialAs you say for your site none of them issues really matter anyways, but you asked why frames are not a good idea so I gave you some info on why, but yes these reasons are aimed at pro sites.
  12. There are so many reasons why frames are not a good idea here are a few articles that explain why.They do have there uses but 99.9% of the time they are used when there is just no need and there are better ways.Article 1Article 2
  13. Na it aint that much of an issue really it only effects people who use Firefox and also have the Adblock extension too so I carnt see it effecting to many people.Even then it will only effect you if you want to go on the advertise page.Yeah it is cos your importing a file with the word advert in it so there is not a lot you can really do about it.
  14. Infact after looking at it again in a few diffrent browsers the advertise page dont work at all in Firefox middle part is just empty and then you carnt select any other page after.Works fine in IE and Opera.EDITI know why now it is the adblock extension on Firefox that is blocking the whole file that is suppossed to go in the iframe.
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