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  1. How to use the border-image-width property in border-image shorthand? If i try this: border-image: url(border-image.png) 40 30 round; In this i am using 30 as border-image-width but the browser rendering it as the second parameter for the border-image-slice.
  2. yeah sure, I will definetely use the <video> tag and will use CSS for alignment but i was asking for learning purpose. Can u explain the CSS rule to align a video to center???
  3. i am just trying to align a video to center with <embed> tag like that <embed align="center"> but its not working . I want to know the reason? (i am using google chrome) Please help me. I am just trying to repeat a audio 3 times and set it like that : <embed src="myaudio.mp4" width="100%" height="200" autostart="true" loop="3"> but it is not working for me.
  4. Can anyone explain me the exact meaning of Regular expression???
  5. ok...i understand you.but i am just trying to execute my html file which does not show me result as is expected so i doubted about this concept.
  6. TRUE or FALSE??? The frameborder attribute of <frame> tag override the value of frameborder attribute of <frameset> tag.
  7. we can set a frame width as following- <frameset cols="10%,80%,10%"> or <frameset cols="10%,*,80%"> or <frameset cols=" 3*,2*,1*"> please look at the last one when we define width like that is called relative width. here i am trying to calculate the width of each frame but find difficulties. please explain the relative width? thank you.
  8. and how can we know about frames of a web page?
  9. when we use target attribute in a anchor tag <a> we can use many target values like _blank,_parent. i want to know that when we use _parent target attribute ,it opens document in parent frame. here i am not understanding the term "parent frame'? what is a parent frame?
  10. As i know local links are used to navigate between documents of a same website, but when i create a local link to a website ,it says File not found. What does it mean?
  11. then what is the use of html if we can do it with css? is all in vain to learn html? should i directly learn css instead of HTML?
  12. ok...Thanks...I will remember it for next time.
  13. I am just learning HTML now and don't know much about CSS. If there is any way to do it with HTML,you can suggest me and if not you can suggest CSS.
  14. We can set a table border color with bordercolor attribute but with it we can set border color only for whole table. I want to set border color of a specific row or a specific cell. How can i do it with HTML?
  15. Is there any html tag or attribute to collapse a table border??? i know about css property for that is border-collapse:collapse; Can we do it with HTML?
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