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  1. Thanks very much for the help Foxy Mod it's greatly appreciated indeed...
  2. Hi there, Been trying to learn PHP in my spare time the last few weeks. Setting myself little tasks, challenges, mini projects etc. but I'm quite stuck on this one. I'm trying to create an associative array to hold the following information on monthly rainfall in millimetres (jpeg of table attached below). I then want to find the minimum, maximum and average rainfall per month and per year. I've created two arrays experimenting but only the second one is associative (I've attached the php file below as well), but here is the code anyways... <?php $multidimensional_array = array
  3. Hi guys, thank you both very much for the help and advice on how to go about solving the problem, it's helped me a lot! Much appreciated indeed
  4. Hi there, I've recently started to try and learn JavaScript on my own in my spare time, as it's an area of work I'd like to get into (not exactly loving my current occupation). I'm trying to learn it from a book I got and finding it very difficult! Much harder than html and css (which I've been learning for a few months as well). I'm trying to answer this question below with a 'for loop' (which is partially running), but I'm really lost as to how to answer it using a function?? Could anyone give me some advice, as it's really doing my head in! It'd be greatly appreciated indeed.... Question:
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