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    I've just had a flashback from my old commodore 16 days where returning from a function whilst within a for next loop was a major sin and in fact would screw up your application. Is this the same for javascript?
  2. LOL I think you missed the part where I said I "just" learned XML! - XSL and XSLT and XPATH all look simple enough - I might have a go at 'em for another project tho.
  3. I'm making a shopping cart system that allows my clients to construct their own online shops. I've recently learned XML (took about 10 minutes!) and hey I like it. But it doesn't seem to be suitable for long descriptions - i.e. a 200 word description of a shop item. Not all shop items require 200 words - but some do - expensive shop items that people want as much information as possible about before buying. The thing is I'm not happy with encasing these descriptions inside xml tags. XML seems to be for short snippets of text. So what's the best idea - perhaps having raw text files for the descriptions and simply having the filename of the text file in the xml tag? It just seems a bit convoluted and I'm tempted to just do the entire thing in PHP - but like I said - I like how easy XML is. Ideas?
  4. Wow this thread is filled with so many reasons to not use Dreamweaver! I'm glad I've never bothered with it...Annoyingly though - knowing dreamweaver is seen as a plus when applying for web design jobs here in Oz. Bah!
  5. Actually I use Wordpad but I clicked Notepad cos it was closest!
  6. That's pretty funny actually - for some reason I just always assumed that the browser couldn't handle that kind of abuse!
  7. What so like there's a million 1 pixel sized spans?! No-way - seriously?
  8. That's not what I got from his email - even after reading it again. I think he just wants to send a nice looking email!
  9. How's this even working? I didn't know you even do vectors in HTML!
  10. I think most designers just charge by the hour unless they're selling technologies / templates they've already built. Eg. A blog / message board / shopping cart.30K total download size is a joke. More and more people are downloading music / movies / large images from Flickr & Facebook etc. 30K is beyond a joke actually...
  11. Or you could just build your HTML page and then select (in IE) File > Send > Page by E-Mail.
  12. Well it's cos you're using document.write - which is actually writing a completely new page - one without your javascript!Try this:- <html><head><script>var a = 10var b = 10function WriteToFile(){alert("some message")}function abc(){form.innerHTML = aform.innerHTML += bform.innerHTML += "<form>"form.innerHTML += '<INPUT TYPE="button" value="Save All Items" onClick="WriteToFile()">'form.innerHTML += "</form>"}</script></head><body onload="abc()"><p id="form"> </p></body></html>
  13. Well I quickly chucked this into IE7:-<embed src="flashthing.swf" onblur="this.focus()">And works fine!But then I tried it in FFox - doesn't work at all? - I messed about for half an hour but still couldn't get it to work. I grew up on IE so you'll need a foxpert to get it to work with fox!
  14. Maybe it's not working cos of this line:- "xml_step_DocLoad.ignoreWhite = true;"
  15. Well without looking at your page and really only guessing from writing similar stuff in JavaScript - perhaps all you need to do is have an onload in your body tag and set the focus to your flash object? If that works - you'll probably need to reset the focus everytime your flash object loses it. So long as you've nothing else that requires focus on your page (like a text field say) - It should be fine.
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