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  1. clbembry, yes.. That is indeed the reason for the "jiggle"..
  2. Xune


    Thanks Ingolme, that fixed it right up..Thanks again,-Nathan
  3. Xune


    Hey, I was wondering... Does min-height not work with Internet ExplorerImages:FireFoxInternet Explorerthis is in my content div's information (same div as images listed above)min-height: 475px;
  4. Xune


    Thanks Wolven, I'll try and gget that working A.S.A.P
  5. Personally, I like it fine other than the acid green grass back in the back. I like the font size changing option, that is surely a plus :)So, I think just fix the grass to maybe a little darker or something?
  6. Xune


    The site still has some things to come, but I was wondering what you all thought so far of it..http://kovalt.com this timeAnywho, before anyone asks, "(design by ruining.org)" is there because, well it can be. (Ruining.org is also my site, so don't think I am just using a template that is for release somewhere!)Any critique would be greatly appreciated Thanks-Nathan
  7. I use Notepad++, it as well has syntax hilighting, and auto indent, and is nice and small
  8. #divname img {your property} that is what I use...
  9. @Synook...I was wondering about that as well... lol.
  10. I always keep out of the shadows, always out there answering what I can and trying what I can't... always looking into new things, took me about 5 months to get CSS down, and now I can pretty much recite most any property that you can think of..
  11. Well, I guess I never seen this thread before, so I'll go ahead and post now.. :)Full name: Nathan JenningsAlternative name(s): Xune/Xunie/XuniBirth date(dd/mm/yyyy): 21/08/1992Gender: maleCountry of residance: US of ACity of residance: MioHeight: 6'Weight: 150lbsEyes: BrownHair: BlondeFavourite Music: Clasic RockFavourite Movies: Pirates of the carribien Interests: Web Dev, Graphic Design, helping peopleAdditional comments: Nada
  12. Well, I would like to say that the site looks great, and the Pyrochild type header and footer look great (He'll know what I mean, as I am as well a Paint.NET user.. and he must know what I mean if he is the one using it..)all-together a pretty well designed and developed site.
  13. Xune

    My first site

    Indeed, this is a very good site, and of course easy on the eyes..9.5/10
  14. Xune

    Not That One!

    You have the and On there twice, (Not sure if that is meant, but I figured to let you know in case it wasn't supposed to be like that )
  15. Thanks LukeV, glad to hear that from you..
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