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  1. Hmmm... That's odd, I'm in IE7 as well on the school computers. I'll fix that.
  2. Sorry, i fixed it. It works now.
  3. FwishaYeah, revamped. Completely. Check out the above link.
  4. I fixed it so you don't have to scroll L-R anymore. I also added some more content...
  5. What? Nobody wants to check it out!? >_<*
  6. Sooo, I figured it out, broken link cuz they deleted my site. AGAIN. So I edited my posts and now you can see the site. Even though I am using a template...
  7. So, I decided that my other sites are pointless. AND IT'S AWESOME! Anyways, here it is.
  8. I like the layout, needs more content, but I can't really read yor headers with the verses. You might want to have it with contrasting colors you can actually read them clearly with. I like the ly\ayout, I give it a 8.7/10. Good job, overal! KEEP GOING, YOU HAVE LOTS OF POTENTIAL.
  9. Style, I mean fo it to look spiffy. And I know NOTHING about php...
  10. keturahuriel


    Where would I go to find a step by step, into the nitty gritty of making a forum/chat site? More like a forum, like topics and everything, but still instant messaging?
  11. How would I go about making a contact form with style? Oh, and how do I make it send straight to my e-mail?
  12. I like. Much very so. Takes jus' a little too long to load up, though. I can also do some ads for ya.
  13. keturahuriel

    clear: both

    That saved me from creating a thread...
  14. Hokay, I updated the links and now My webhost says that since I'm a free account, I can only have one site until I make a minimum 5 us$ donation... :) Anyways, I am working on making it on 110mb and I'll post it when I deem it fit for criticism...
  15. Is this in regards to Keturah, stoof4yoo, or both?
  16. K.U. WAS HERE!!!


  17. Plus I'm in dreamweaver8. So if you need help with that, I can. It's almost exactly the same as CS3.
  18. If you tell me the width of the image, I can tell you how to fix it. I can't help you really unless I can see where the problem is. I DO know, however that it involves the float, margin and width elements.
  19. Hokay. I fixed it and now the text is at the bottom of the page. How do I fix that?here's my stylesheet(it's not done though...) As of 7/25/08 body { color: #009999; margin: 12px; background: #003399;}a:link { color: #3399FF;}a:visited { color: #3366FF;}#header { font-size: 24px;}#main { margin-top: 100px; background: #990000;}#sidebar { border-right: 2px double #003366; float: left; padding: 10px; width: 200px;}#sidebar2 { float: right; width: 159px; border: solid #0099ff;}#content { margin: 0 160 0 240;}ol { list-style-type: lower-greek;}ul { list-style: square;}p.top { color: #3399ff;}
  20. Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!
  21. I made a style sheet (css) and it won't F***ING WORK! What do I insert (link-wise) to make the style sheet active on that and other pages?
  22. As of NOW, the site will be updated in about 30 min. Check back a little after that so it will have time to register on the server.
  23. I just revamped it, what do you think now?
  24. Hokay, check back in a few minutes. About ten minutes will work because my webhost is being a Duh right now...
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