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  1. hi OK, what is that other way ?
  2. expain plz, how do you mean its nothing telling me ?You can show your window screen with width alert('screen.availWidth); but can't pass that that value to variable dunno why
  3. And I want to replace first one with second but it seems that it's not workingdunno why document.getElementById('movie').style.left='100px'; document.getElementById('movie').style.left=_left + 'px';
  4. hi allthanks advance this is not working, I really don know why <script type="text/javascript">var _screen = screen.availWidth;var _width = 495;var _left = ((_screen/2)-_width);document.getElementById('movie').style.left='100px';</script> <style type="text/css"> div.movie, body, p { position:absolute; } p.underline, p , h1 , h2 , u { position:absolute; left:5px; width:100px; height:100px; overflow:hidden; } p.underline{text-decoration:underline;} body { margin:0; } body {background-color:#000;} </style></head><body> <div id="movie" class="movie" > <embed src="pre_loader.swf" width="991" height="550" /> </div> </body>
  5. As I understand you.I usually mask my link with frameset .
  6. kv79

    Acces To Elements

    Hi all <div id="header"> <img class="2" /> <div id="images" > <img class="3" src="images/3.png" /> <img id="ne" /> <img class="94" src="images/94.png" /> </div></div> I want to acces from css #header .3 {background-color:white;}or#images img.3 {background-color:white;}Doesn't work . :)Thanks advance
  7. kv79

    How to implement a:hover

    Hi there When you have your mouse hovered over <about> than you can see that transparent rectangle appears with text in it. Thanks .
  8. Hi allhttp://www.robertnyman.com/2008/11/02/obtr...-summary-reportI went to that site , dunno how he did that mouse hovering info .For example you could cover about , contact ,code ...Thanks advance
  9. kv79

    style input

    hi allI have a form Form has this input<input type='submit' value='$meta->name' >I need to submit data;I need to replace that button with images and texts.Thanks advance .
  10. kv79

    form , submit

    hi all <form method="post" action=""><input type="submit" value="submit" /></form> I need to replace submit button with some picture .Thanks advance .
  11. kv79

    Search Engine Google

    Hi all ,I would like to make some text behind my Flash app. because of Search Engine .Dunno how?except <meta > tagThanks advance
  12. kv79


    HI allI have a working mysql server on windows machine .But if I want to transfer him on Linux machine ; what I need to do ?Thanks advance .
  13. thanks for info and advice
  14. Hi all,I just want to import font ( Tekton Pro Ext from MS word ) for writing .and what types of font exists?
  15. kv79

    send and receive mail

    that site i opening about an half an hour and when It was open then error for downloading .I sow that is small file .
  16. kv79

    send and receive mail

    ty I hope it works .
  17. kv79

    send and receive mail

    hi all I can send email to someone with php->Apache->SMTP port, server.Why I can't receive e-mail with SMTP port ?
  18. kv79

    mysql , sorting

    So , there is no bottom .ok thanks .
  19. kv79

    mysql , sorting

    hi all, I have in my database and a lot of tables , so I need to create one table who will be always on the bottom. tHaNkS
  20. greatly thanks to you for your perfectly understanding my problem .
  21. Thanks a lot . I just used your second solution and it works great .When I use a first option I come to this problem . <button onclick = "open_win(<?php $var; ?>)" value = "click me "/> function open_win(i) {window.open("page.php?var = ", "_self" );} The problem is , that I get variable called i; and I dunno to implement into the code .
  22. hi all , I have some variable on the first page , I need to send that variable to the other page .send is mean , when I click on some button, that variable is sent .Or the other option is that ,I set the $POST variable on the first page .Thanks .
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