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  1. Thank you for your reply dsonesuk, the caption problem is now solved. Now I have two other questions; a) As you see the right image text is not margin on the right (red part) like in the left one. I've looked in the CSS paragraph section but couldn't find any setting. How can I change this? And how can I reduce that margin on the yellow spaces?
  2. I have the following paragraphs with image on side and I need a "figcaption" on each image. I need to set the "figcaption" text with independent settings. How can i do this? My image.right and image.left class have this settings: .image.right { float: right; margin: 0 0 1em 1.5em; top: 0.25em; } .image.left { float: left; margin: 0 1.5em 1em 0; top: 0.25em; } And I need my figcaption to use this settings: font-size: 75%; font-style: italic; text-align: center; Also, I'm not sure if the figca
  3. Hunger for Knowledge!

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