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  1. The blender python API is awesome but I don't think it's the Right Thing to start with. I'd suggest to buy a Little Raspberry pi with that you can do some experimentations and get familliar with python.
  2. Thanks for your Reply. Thats the method I worked out now.
  3. Hei Guys, my Name is Manuel and I'm trying to develop my first self designed Webpage. As a starting Point I choosed a template from w3schools.org. So far my Webpage is a one-page site with scripts displaying Content and removing it (when clicking on Navigator menu). Everything is designed with w3.css . I'm displaying a lot of Content. Especially a lot of Pictures (already optimized to a maximum of 200KB). So Here Comes my Question: What can I do to improve loading performance of my Website? What can I do to check and improve the Google Rating? I build a Ajax request to call a mailScript.php on the Server. Is this OK or is there any better method? I hope you can understand my Questions even if they are a bit beginner like. Thanks for your replies. Greetings from Germany Manuel
  4. Hei Guys, w3schools is so awesome. I learned a lot About webdesign but now I've been comming to an end. On my Webpage I got a Nav-bar with jquery-buttons that hide/Show divs. So here Comes my Question. Is there any solution to save the visibility Status of These divs when user adds my page to bookmarks? Is there any solution to make last Status of divs available via browser button BACK? I was reading About this Problems some time ago but was not able to figure out were. I'm really open to any solution. Even a complete redesign of the page is possible if the solution is better. Thanks a lot. Manuel
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