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  1. My hard-coded <div w3-include-html="source.html"></div> works fine. However, I want to make it easy for an administrator to change from say, "source.html" to "source2.html". My script would read member "currentSource.txt", which would include simply "source2". How can I dynamically create a DIV using HTML DOM that is <div w3-include-html="source2.html'></div>? The parameter within the <div, i.e. w3-include-html="source2.html' is not inner.HTML. it is inner div. I'm not sure this is possible. I can include an include where "currentSource.html
  2. I believe there is an error on https://www.w3schools.com/css/css_float.asp page. The Example - No float shows the effect of no float. The image is on the left side of the page and the first line of the text is on the right and centered halfway on the image. where the beginning text is positioned just to the right of the image. That first line is in the wrong position. The "Try it Yourself" link example correctly shows where the first part of the text will be: just above the image and left aligned. See the two attachments below.
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