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  1. I was just wondering this, I'd like to implement that into a website and use that website for people to express themselves. I mean if they all want to put the same song at the same time, just create a session and all the cellphones reproduce the same exact song with an exact time, all of them.
  2. Thanks for the answer, do you know if python would be useful? You got any article or reference I could look up to?! Thanks!
  3. Hey there folks! That's my first time around w3 forums so I'm glad to be here! 🙋‍♀️ The persistent error that I'm having is that in my simple HTML site I just want to insert an audio (yes, only one audio track) and loop it at infinitum. This is easly done, the problem is that I'd like that audio to be "livestreamed" kind of, I'd like to that everyone that connects to the site listens to the same point of the music where I'm listening. For example, If type my site and click it, the audio might start at 2:34 and so on... It would be kind of a livestreaming but just for one audio! Is it possible with pure HTML? Thanks in advance!👌
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