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  1. document.getElementById("lastentry") instead of document.getElementryById("lastentry")
  2. First of all you have create migration file with this command : php artisan make: migration table_name this command is execute and create table with timestamp of above: after this command is direct whenever you create database of below this command: php artisan migrate If you have specific table migrate this command is execute: php artisan migrate --path=/database/migrations/filename.php
  3. <script> function sortTable() { var filterTable, rows, sorted, i, x, y, sortFlag; filterTable = document.querySelector(".filterTable"); sorted = true; while (sorted) { sorted = false; rows = filterTable.rows; for (i = 1; i < rows.length - 1; i++) { sortFlag = false; x = rows[i].getElementsByTagName("TD")[0]; y = rows[i + 1].getElementsByTagName("TD")[0]; if (x.innerHTML.toLowerCase() > y.innerHTML.toLowerCase()) { sortFlag = true; break; } } if (sortFlag) { rows[i].parentNode.insertBefore(rows[i + 1], rows[i]); sorted = true; } } } </script> I would be this code is help for you..
  4. Sherin


    <button onClick="newText()">Push Me</button>
  5. display:flex You have all the box in same line you can use disply:flex property better than position property.
  6. You can many use simple <div> in your website. you can use bootstrap grid with <div> use in your website it makes a faster
  7. You can space between in single quote and double quote around the $_POST['password'] $sql = "SELECT * FROM users WHERE email_address = ' ".$_POST['email']." ' AND password =' " .$_POST['password'] " ' ";
  8. Sherin

    SQL Query - Conditions

    Hello select column_name1, column_name2, column_name3 where column_name3=23 and column_name3 =41
  9. Using jquery var filename = $('input[type=file]').val().split('\\').pop();
  10. You can html element inside an SVG using foreignobject <html> <head> <meta charset="UTF-8"> <title>HTML inside SVG</title> <style type="text/css"></style></head> <body> <div>I'm a div inside the HTML</div> <svg width="500" height="300" style="border:1px black solid"> <foreignobject class="node" x="46" y="22" width="100" height="100"> <div style="border:1px yellow solid">I'm a div inside a SVG.</div> </foreignobject> </svg> <div>Interesting! But you a Foreign Object.</div> </body> </html>
  11. Sherin

    SQL Query - Conditions

    You can try this query select column_name1,column_name2 ,column_name3 where column_name3 = 23 and Val=41; i will this query is help for you if you any query this query related then you ask me.
  12. You have not declare I with datatype of int ,var then you facing error in for loop
  13. in your code you have <llink> write between <head></head> but actually write <link href="" rel="stylesheet"> so may be this is help for you.
  14. in your code you have try with this code phone_number = phone_number.replace("^(?:(?:\+|0{0,2})61(\s*[\-]\s*)?|[0-9]?)?[]\d{7}$")
  15. You want to pass which page is redirect on when click submit button to add action attribute on form tag and method attribute <form action="/home" method="Post"> <input type="Submit" class="btn" value="Login"> </form>
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