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  1. Thanks . . . Clearly a sop to Internet advertisers who want to force feed us their stuff.
  2. How can I turn video autoplay to off for ALL browsers? I can't believe autoplay is the default in Edge and Chrome.
  3. PShannon

    MySQL recursion

    I have two tables to manage the hierarchical structure of a corporation (does BOM as well). tblOrganization id formal_name short_name etc . . . tblStructure parent_id (tblOrganization.id) child_id (tblOrganization.id relationship Done this a ton in SQL Server and Oracle (even MS Access) by using: tblOrganization ---> tblStructure <--- tblOrganization_1 I can find no equivalency in MySQL???? What does the MySQL SQL SELECT look like to retrieve that corporate structure? Thank you . . .
  4. It's working! I'm good and I am grateful for your help. "A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow." ~ George Washington
  5. That solution is as fine as wine! You guys are the best and I am very grateful. Do you guys have a tip jar or PayPal account?
  6. Yes. I've been developing in HTML for 20 years, built a dozen sites in HTML, PHP and JAVA, but I've never displayed an URL retrieved from a MYSQL table in an HTML table, and have been unable to find a working solution on the Net -- and I've been looking for a week.. In your example. you know what the URL is. That's ice cream. <td text-align:="" center;="" width:="" 50%;="">https://www.website.com/goodmorning.php</td> In my case, I have no idea what the URL is. It's coming from the database. It now displays in the table as text. My problem is how do I tell the HTML interpreter it is an hyperlink and not text. <td text-align: center; width: 50%;>" . $row["the_url"] . "</td> I do appreciate your assistance, Funce, and am here because W3 has the clearest and best presented documentation on the Net. I'm a newbee here, but I've been doing this stuff in a variety of languages and environments since 1967, spent 25 years training professional developers and at age 81, may be the worlds oldest blogger. I'm pretty good, but this problem has me by the nads!
  7. Thank you for responding. I appreciate it. Would you kindly show me where the anchor (<a>) is placed, Funce? Placement is everything. while($row = $result->fetch_assoc()) { $the_url = $row["the_url"]; echo "<tr width:100%> <td text-align: left; width: 50%;>" . $row["some_text"] . "</td> <td text-align: center; width: 50%;>" . $row["the_url"] . "</td> </tr>"; } echo "</table>"; } else { echo "0 results"; } echo "The URL--> " . $the_url; You guys have some pretty good rag sailors down there . . .
  8. I am displaying data from a MySQL table in an HTML table. I have one field that I would like to display as an hyperlink (hot link). I have been all over the web for three days looking for a solution to do this. I have placed all of the problem elements on a webpage: 1. MySQL table specs 2. PHP display MySQL table data in HTML table 3. HTML table as seen in website http://www.database39.com/testtableurl.php Thank you for your help . . .
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