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  1. @Ingolme Thank you for your response. I apologize if I inadvertently offended any forum contributors or moderators. It was not my intent. You are all valuable contributors to these forums, and I appreciate your volunteers services. Maybe too much pressure in a too short of a time frame for me at the moment. Thank you for your code and explanations/directions. I will attempt to implement them as best as I can with my limited JS knowledge, but I do appreciate your assistance. I will let you know how it works once I get some results. Again, much appreciated. Have a good on
  2. Little disappointed here. I've been counting on W3Schools material and experts for some time now. I appreciate this service and the ability for it to help me learn this craft at my own pace. I learn best by examples, and W3 has proven to work very well for me in this format to date. However, now that I've run into a real head scratcher for me, I've turned to the expert users who kindly feed this service with their vast and valuable knowledge to help me through a critical problem. But I have had no responses during the nine days since I posted my original help request on this topic. T
  3. Hello! Newbie here. I'm OK with HTML and CSS, but seriously lack knowledge on JS. Wanting to learn, but I am under the gun to complete a new web site first and I'm stumped on some JS requirements. W3 Schools is a great source of info and learning for me, but I can't seem to find a complete and useful answer yet to this problem. I am making a Products page for my business where I want to show 4 - 6 pictures in a LightBox mode for each of four separate product lines, with all of the products lines shown on one page. Similar to how this company did it on their page: https://sonicenclosures.
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