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  1. Thank you guys, it worked.
  2. Hi,Is it possible to submit a form in a new window?The output will be; the form when subitted the result will be in the new window, so I have have 2 window in the end.Thanks.
  3. Yes, it is possible, just change the variable to DOM set it's background to image or you can manually change it in your HTML page add <img >...
  4. I agree some statements are not properly open or closed.
  5. What do you mean by 1 box? an alert box?
  6. inktherapy


    Focus one topic at a time, if you feel you're comfortable enough to tackle another then do it. Just make sure you understand it before moving on...
  7. I think you still need a serverside scripting, a DB or a language connector that will communicate with your email. HTML or Javascript alone are not sufficient to carry a task like the one you are planning.
  8. Dating game?! hmmmm interesting (jk).
  9. Improving site, nice one. I also like ACDC, Metallica and The Police.
  10. No worries, I was not implying that you did something bad, maybe the way it reads or how I understood it. I already saw the site and I agree to your suggestions, your opinion thus make point. Maybe it's just the word wrong in respond to an opinion or suggestion, I think it is appropriate to say agree or disagree but you don't need to be bothered about this, it's just me. I am just here to learn from you guys that's why I have much respect to everyone.
  11. Let me know the status, I want to be part of it. I also want to learn or perhaps share something useful. Thanks
  12. confusing constructor, setters and getters are a mess etc... I suggest you write it again on a paper.What I do is write one method at a time and test it.
  13. Up!Any updates on these strange numbers on how did it get there?
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