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  1. I want to make an image glow with a pulsating yellow glow whilst a melodramatic tune plays in the background. I took this code out of the Flash helpfile and changed all instances of mc_box to "pot" which is the name I gave my object in 'properties'.I put this into action, and it spews out some unintelligible errors. pot.filters = [new flash.filters.GlowFilter()];var dir:Number = 1;pot.blur = 10;pot.onEnterFrame = function() { pot.blur += dir; if ((pot.blur >= 30) || (pot.blur <= 10)) { dir *= -1; } var filter_array:Array = pot.filters; filter_array[0].blurX = pot.blur; filter_array[0].blurY = pot.blur; pot.filters = filter_array;}; Errors;**Error** Symbol=Symbol 1, layer=Layer 1, frame=1:Line 1: Statement must appear within on handler pot.filters = [new flash.filters.GlowFilter()];**Error** Symbol=Symbol 1, layer=Layer 1, frame=1:Line 2: Statement must appear within on handler var dir:Number = 1;**Error** Symbol=Symbol 1, layer=Layer 1, frame=1:Line 3: Statement must appear within on handler pot.blur = 10;**Error** Symbol=Symbol 1, layer=Layer 1, frame=1:Line 4: Statement must appear within on handler pot.onEnterFrame = function() {Total ActionScript Errors: 4 Reported Errors: 4What did I do wrong?
  2. I search for a phrase and get back a list of topic with multiple pages, and then I have to search each page (Ctrl + F) individually to find the correct one - would it not be possible to direct me to the correct page(s) or even the correct post(s) with a link to see the rest of the thread? I think Micro-Star International has a forum that does this.
  3. Maybe, but that sure would get annoying whilst changing stylesheet values frequently. I found a great answer on another forum. Ctrl + F5 forces a complete renewal of cache for the current page.
  4. You probably can replace the images. You just need to do it with pictures that are available online as opposed to on your PC harddrive (the contents of your HD are not easily available to everyone online, as you'd probably want).Try replacing the image with one available online such as http://username132.tasminslair.com/live/images/seans_potato_business_logo.png and you'll see what I mean
  5. The problem with that is giving a width causes the phrase to move to the left of its container. I want it to be left-justified but to be as over to the right as possible. You can see it in action here;http://username132.tasminslair.com/Seans%2...esheets/all.cssas opposed to what I'm after (in Moz/Opera), here;http://username132.tasminslair.com/live/stylesheets/all.css
  6. I tried margin-left again and it's fixed it in Opera and Firefox, but I.E. ignores the margin-left completely, regardless of value. Should I use a transparent gif to push the text into line?#random_quote {color: #9a6f20;font-weight: 900;font-style: italic;float: right;position: absolute; top: 15px; right: 20px;margin-left: 250px;
  7. Here are two images; one of what I have and the other of what I'm trying to acheive. http://username132.tasminslair.com/wrong.jpg http://username132.tasminslair.com/right.jpg You'll notice that right.jpg shows the text at the top, wrapped according to a distance from the left that I wish to provide. The problem arises because I use a random quote script to insert a random quote at the top of the page, but it's sometimes so long that it goes behind the logo. I've tried padding-left and margin-left but neither work. My code is currently (wrong.jpg); #random_quote { color: #9a6f20; font-weight: 900; font-style: italic; float: right; position: absolute; top: 15px; right: 20px; } If you go to http://username132.tasminslair.com/Seans%2...0Website/pages/ you can see an alternative with; #random_quote { color: #9a6f20; font-weight: 900; font-style: italic; position: absolute; left: 250px; top: 15px; right: 20px; } but this isn't really much use because it look much better when it is aligned to the right. Text-align: right is no good, because then the text after the line-wrap is also aligned right (like your address at the top of a letter).
  8. The link to your website doesn't work for me. Can't you just give them all a z-index according to what order you want them to appear?
  9. Can't you do something like;clear: both;in the #footer code? I think that's how mine works.
  10. Thanks for the advice. Don't get me wrong, I like the bar, I just wondered why it was there. However I want the bar to link all the menu items together without appearing from the left or right ends of the menu i.e. I want;item==item==itemas opposed to;===item==item==item==I've tried changing position: relative; left: but it doesn't do anything. Currently,http://username132.tasminslair.com/Seans%2...es/products.php uses;#primary_nav {background: #e3c49c;font-size: 80%;position: relative; top: 70px; left 9000 px;/* margin-left: 175px; *//* float: right; *//* height: 25px; */z-index: 3;}and the bar wont budge?
  11. Here are links to two pages differing only in one line of CSS. Please view in Firefox/Opera (IE can wait). There are spaces in the URL. This doesn't matter.http://username132.tasminslair.com/Seans%2...es/products.phphttp://username132.tasminslair.com/Seans%2...es/products.phpFor website one;#primary_nav {background: #e3c49c;font-size: 80%;position: relative; top: 70px;margin-left: 175px;/* float: right; *//* height: 25px; */z-index: 3;}For website two;#primary_nav {background: #e3c49c;font-size: 80%;position: relative; top: 70px;margin-left: 200px;/* float: right; *//* height: 25px; */z-index: 3;}Firstly, what IS the bar that occurs behind the menu items? Why aren't there just menu items floating with no bar behind?Secondly, in website two, the bar is moved to the right a bit more as expected. What is not expected is that the bar widens and the menu options are thrown about the place. What causes things like this to happen? CSS really does feel like a descent into maddness!!The rest of the CSS
  12. My problem is that if I change a stylesheet slighlty and upload it, then refresh, the browser sometimes ignores the changes I've made. I don't get it. If I do something big like "display: none;", it sits up and pays attention. What really gets me is that it must look at the new stylesheet to see how different it is, and then decides to ignore the changes. It's REALLY annoying.For example, I change margin-left: 100px; to margin-left: 200px; and nothing happened. I change it to margin-left: 2000px; and it rushes of the page. I p****** me off beyond articulation.My browsers are set to reload as frequently as possible (e.g. Firefox "reload every time I view a page" [which isn't the same as "reload everytime I hit refresh" (which annoys me greatly)]). What's even more annoying is that if I refresh with one browser, make a change, refresh with the same browser and it ignores my changes, refresh with a separate browser, it shows the page in the same state as the first browser! They're conspiring against me!
  13. Thank you both. I'll try the webstats one first; but if I change the image to "display:none;" will it still get downloaded/counted?
  14. I'm responsible for our college JCR website @ www.dur.ac.uk/stephenson.jcr (don't worry, my intended career path is biomedical...) and I was hoping I could find out how much it's constituent pages are actually used, and maybe where the hits are coming from (i.e in the area = GS students, outside the area = prospective students). Can anyone advise?
  15. Yeah I think you're right.Have you any idea what I need to do to resolve the IE menu background issue though? I've uploaded the stephenson.jcr version to another location so you can access the site and css via;http://username.tasminslair.com/website/pages/jcr.php&http://username.tasminslair.com/website/stylesheets/all.css&http://username.tasminslair.com/website/st.../iespecific.css
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