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  1. Yeah there's a lot of truth in that last sentence. I find it quite hard to identify my "idea" at this point I have no idea if I even have to "begin" a company or how my project is identified. I'll try to find another source =) thanks for the help thus far.
  2. you're thinking development that's not the issue. I need to know how my website will gain attendance being new. Do I make sure it's SOE optimized and just pray it'll grow or something? Asking because I have never been in this situation before.
  3. I'll just repeat my first question since it's the most important one ^^,Q: How does a user depended website start? By this I mean a website that depends on users to upload the content.
  4. Oh no absolutely legal, just thought it would matter in relation to sites coming under attack and having to report such a attack to officials. Edit;I'm a rookie to running my own website so I'm all completely new to this. I've made plenty of websites that are also online but I never intervened on the hosting department.
  5. Hi, I want to start a serious website that'll ultimately generate revenue. And I have a few questions related to getting started. Q: How does a user depended website start? By this I mean a website that depends on users to upload the content.Q: What would be the best way to handle comments on for example multiple videos in the way Youtube does(as in allow the comments to be displayed in the way it does)? Q: When I do decide to pick a web host what are the things I need to look out for?Q: related to above question does it matter where this third party(the web host) keep their servers? (
  6. hello everyone, I've got a server set up as my web host. It has Apache installed and PHP (both are the most recent version). for the database I have a different server these two machines (the web host and the database server) are connected through a peer to peer connection. Now I've learned that I need to use my database servers IP address as the host address for my database connection script but are there any other settings I need to change in the php.ini in order to make this work?
  7. thank you for the clear explanation. Which brings me to the question what's wrong with my drawing and why?
  8. Hello everyone, I am told to make a network and I am bumping into some difficulty in the design. I am told to make a IP plan simply put it's a long list with all the numbers involved in the network, so far I have everything written down I just can't figure out what to do with the router. this is the physical drawing I made of my network. But I am not sure if this works and why it would work or would not work. I have been told by my mentor to find out what a router does and what and I have concluded is that "a router sends network packages to the appropriate place/device within the network" but
  9. Yet again you completely ignore the point. I agree with pc013...if it is really taking you this much effort to take in this little information then you can't use this skill to make money with. Which you have stated to be your primary motivation.
  10. I agree...1000%... You know that as a programmer you actually have to come up with things on your own right? you can't run off to a forum for every single minor question you have. You can't tell your client you won't be able to make your deadline because "no one is replying to my post!". seriously you have the page right in front of you. There is no reason for this topic to even exist. it's like I walked through a door but can I walk back through the door as well....
  11. First impulse: create a topicreceive answersignore answersrepeat step A
  12. yet again you fail to read the entirety of the post. Also YOU were the one trivializing(in waarde verminderen <- Dutch so he understands) the story by going "well well I moved to two different countries in two years!"
  13. I seriously don't understand why people still bother with you. You are the most ignorant and rudest person I've seen on these forums. Are you really that stupid or intentionally trolling? This girl lived in a nightmare where she was constantly harassed and discriminated against because she was "just" a girl. Yet she pulled through and became a professional programmer in the same time it took you to.....make a html page? As for your "programming" career, please do us all a favor and quit. You don't have the skills required you put 0.01% effort into your code and when people tell you what YOUR
  14. if I made an element that contains an array and append it to every record my script produces would this be achievable?
  15. elexion

    Next step?

    it is you just don't realize it........just take the man's word and take the lesson in.
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