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  1. Shade

    Photoflow Tutorials

    Actual problem is make it look 3D. and I guess normal transform in flash doesn't support perspective. though you can make something like this easily with AS3.
  2. Shade

    Offline Php

    thanks.yes I do mean "local only" and "secure".Another important issue is , its integration into my web IDE, I mean something like quick preview .I will check out WAMP.
  3. Shade

    Offline Php

    helloI do not want to have a server on my PC, nor do I want to install php, apache bundles etc. Still I need to test php files offline.I used easyphp but it doesn't responds to certain php functions. do you know any alternative way/method for that ?shade.
  4. I use scripted svg on my site, a little game in SVG: ViewIts way better than flash (as long as I don't care users browsers support it or not. ) currently I'm experimenting with php, to see if it can generate some useful svg.wish we can just write it svg in html <svg>.....</svg>
  5. Shade

    [wip] My Site

    thank you.well, this SVG does show in my firefox 3 and opera 9.BTW I just added a flash image viewer. It directly loads images from given directories without any server side coding.and some graphics effects. I can't decide whether to keep that sun flare effect or not.check it out SITE UPDATE
  6. put the page(div) to be scrolled and a div for banner in a container, another div.set the background-image to the banner image (which must be a .png of exact dimensions.) , background-repeat: no repeat.now, fixed position the banner div where it should have been. set a very high z-index (99).what I tried with firebug :to #bannerpic { add: ........... ........... position:fixed; left:150px; top:0px;}to #container { add: ........... ........... margin-top:150px;}
  7. you will need to store results on server, so will need a server-side script.
  8. var data = new Array(value1, value2, ...... );var value = "myvalue";var num = 0;for(var i = 0; i < data.length; i ++){ if ( data[i] == value ) { num++; }}if ( num > 0 ) { alert("the value " + value + " has occurred " + num + " times"); } else { alert("the value " + value + " was not found"); }
  9. Why don't you make the swf itself to start only when play button is pressed, instead of doing it in HTML ?<param name="AutoStart" value="0"> . Some browsers like firefox neglect autostart parameters.
  10. Shade

    [wip] My Site

    thank you for replies. It doesn't. Even with IE7 (some css parts). and you probably wouldn't have noticed the animatedanalog clock which is SVG and IE never supports it. I generally take firefox and Opera as reference. this is hosted with a free hosting service, so the servers are a bit lousy ;P . this site is going to be my image gallery, and the place to test web-coding projects. there will be another version of this interface, later.I intended to design a pleasant and upto W3C standards, site interface. Just need some content to add. If you know a little javascript, you can move/change any element on a web page.so I put together a bit of functions to move background png.the script is posted above.
  11. you need to correctly reference the button/MovieClip.code inside:this.onRelease = function {photos_mc.gotoAndPlay("img1");}code in parent/ main timeline:this.btn1.onRelease = function() {photos_mc.gotoAndPlay("img1"); }
  12. Shade

    [wip] My Site

    thanks for your reviews.Updated version : http://previewz.f-snet.com
  13. Good info.well I just use <embed src="" width="" height=""></embed> and there are no problems so far.even works good for svg also.
  14. Thank you.I'm currently having a look at the code...all I can get is that the code:1. checks dir, mid_dir and full_dir exist.2. they are readable.3. for each file the file is not .*, not ..* and is *.jpeg,4. file has corresponding thumbnail,5. add then to array, shuffle it,6. generate an HTML list of images.OK. A little help here, I assume, that hoverbox shows three states : thumbnail, mid sized on mouseover and full size on clickright ? but I'd like to use dir and full dir only. set directory paths here.//// There are Bandwidth issues with loading the 'full-size' pictures for use as thumbs and mid-size, however, there is a time-delay issue on-click when the full-size picture must then be downloaded. Your call on which method suits you best. The Demo uses three Folders, one for each size, which is the slowest possible setting, other than using over-sized images since they take longest to download and requires more bandwidth to provide, etc, blah, blah...// To minimize the bandwidth usage, use only one directory of optimized pictures, but be sure to alter the paths accordingly.//// example://// $dir = "full_images/"; // will cause all images to be loaded from a single folder// $mid_dir = "full_images/"; // where the full-sized images are stored. The Hoverbox html sizes them down to suit the thumbnail size and mid-size, but must download the entire gallery of pictures before displaying the thumbs.// $full_dir = "full_images/"; ////// All occurences of a picture MUST have the SAME NAME whether in one or three directories.// The filenames don't appear to be case-sensitive. ( PIC001 = pic001 = PiC001 = pIc001 )//$dir = "images/"; // name of the folder where the Thumbnail images are stored$mid_dir = "mid_images/"; // name of the folder where the Mid-sized images are stored.$full_dir = "full_images/"; // name of the folder where the Full-sized images are stored
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