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    Photoflow Tutorials

    Actual problem is make it look 3D. and I guess normal transform in flash doesn't support perspective. though you can make something like this easily with AS3.
  2. Shade

    Offline Php

    thanks.yes I do mean "local only" and "secure".Another important issue is , its integration into my web IDE, I mean something like quick preview .I will check out WAMP.
  3. Shade

    Offline Php

    helloI do not want to have a server on my PC, nor do I want to install php, apache bundles etc. Still I need to test php files offline.I used easyphp but it doesn't responds to certain php functions. do you know any alternative way/method for that ?shade.
  4. I use scripted svg on my site, a little game in SVG: ViewIts way better than flash (as long as I don't care users browsers support it or not. ) currently I'm experimenting with php, to see if it can generate some useful svg.wish we can just write it svg in html <svg>.....</svg>
  5. Shade

    [wip] My Site

    thank you.well, this SVG does show in my firefox 3 and opera 9.BTW I just added a flash image viewer. It directly loads images from given directories without any server side coding.and some graphics effects. I can't decide whether to keep that sun flare effect or not.check it out SITE UPDATE
  6. put the page(div) to be scrolled and a div for banner in a container, another div.set the background-image to the banner image (which must be a .png of exact dimensions.) , background-repeat: no repeat.now, fixed position the banner div where it should have been. set a very high z-index (99).what I tried with firebug :to #bannerpic { add: ........... ........... position:fixed; left:150px; top:0px;}to #container { add: ........... ........... margin-top:150px;}
  7. you will need to store results on server, so will need a server-side script.
  8. var data = new Array(value1, value2, ...... );var value = "myvalue";var num = 0;for(var i = 0; i < data.length; i ++){ if ( data[i] == value ) { num++; }}if ( num > 0 ) { alert("the value " + value + " has occurred " + num + " times"); } else { alert("the value " + value + " was not found"); }
  9. Why don't you make the swf itself to start only when play button is pressed, instead of doing it in HTML ?<param name="AutoStart" value="0"> . Some browsers like firefox neglect autostart parameters.
  10. Shade

    [wip] My Site

    thank you for replies. It doesn't. Even with IE7 (some css parts). and you probably wouldn't have noticed the animatedanalog clock which is SVG and IE never supports it. I generally take firefox and Opera as reference. this is hosted with a free hosting service, so the servers are a bit lousy ;P . this site is going to be my image gallery, and the place to test web-coding projects. there will be another version of this interface, later.I intended to design a pleasant and upto W3C standards, site interface. Just need some content to add. If you know a little javascript, you can move/change an
  11. you need to correctly reference the button/MovieClip.code inside:this.onRelease = function {photos_mc.gotoAndPlay("img1");}code in parent/ main timeline:this.btn1.onRelease = function() {photos_mc.gotoAndPlay("img1"); }
  12. Shade

    [wip] My Site

    thanks for your reviews.Updated version : http://previewz.f-snet.com
  13. Good info.well I just use <embed src="" width="" height=""></embed> and there are no problems so far.even works good for svg also.
  14. Thank you.I'm currently having a look at the code...all I can get is that the code:1. checks dir, mid_dir and full_dir exist.2. they are readable.3. for each file the file is not .*, not ..* and is *.jpeg,4. file has corresponding thumbnail,5. add then to array, shuffle it,6. generate an HTML list of images.OK. A little help here, I assume, that hoverbox shows three states : thumbnail, mid sized on mouseover and full size on clickright ? but I'd like to use dir and full dir only. set directory paths here.//// There are Bandwidth issues with loading the 'full-size' pictures for use as thumbs a
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