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  1. Thanks so much man!!! You are a life saver!
  2. I need some help, because I have made a banner for a forum, but I am having problems with it, due to different screen resolutions and/or zooming in and out of the site.http://www.teenagedesigners.co.nrHere is the link to the site and it's the graphical banner at the top.I want it to stay relative to the rest of the site. If you zoom in and out you notice that the banner gets bigger and smaller, but the actual "wrap" of the website remains the same size and just the text changes. I want the banner to always stay the same width as that white wrap thing around the forum.Please help me out!!
  3. Any photographers on here, which would like to talk about photography, please PM me of post here.I got into photography about a week ago, by just messing with my dads camera. I really got to like it and I have started saving up for my own DSLR (I am only 14, so £500 will take me a while to save up. For now I have been taking pictures using my dad's camera and it is so much fun! I recommend it to anyone. Anyway, if you want to talk etc POSTA nice website for competitions:http://www.pxlshots.com/register/?ref=bartoszwozniak
  4. Hello everyone.I am Bart and I am 14. Me and my friend have set up a forum ,specially for people our age, who are interested in computers and specifically graphics, animations or website design. I wanted to advertise my forum here, and ask anyone who would like to join to come along and help us start the forum off, because seriously we have 3 members at the moment and we need help starting and advertising. We look for anyone aged 20 and below, however we also don't mind older people to share their experiance with us.So anyway, if you are interested come along and introduce yourself. We are hoping to set up a large, active and great community, to share our experiances and hopefully work on some awesome projects together.Teenage Designers <---- Here is the link!!!I am not sure, if the moderators will let me off this once for this advert, but I hope they do. Since I just want to get some people that like graphics a forum.Thanks
  5. Ok well, I understand about the moderator position, and I do know what youre saying, since I use to have my own forum and administrate it. With about 200 people. I know this is not much but still. And to the graphics forum, I think that yeah, we do need one.
  6. I think that one thing, that W3Schools lacks is a graphics section. Both on the forum and on the website. I love graphics and I would also love to be a moderator of the graphics section. I could gladly post tutorials on there (both, found on the internet and my own) and I think that it would be a great idea. I understand that the chance of me becoming a mod is not very big, since I have not been on the forum long, but I hope that they would give me a shot.But anyway, yeah I think that there should be a graphics section, where people can get tutorials, show off their work, get ratings and criticism, and maybe ask for help or ask someone to make them some graphics.I hope you consider this idea
  7. I have it sorted. It doesnt matter anymore. Topic for deletionThanks
  8. yeah they do. They really are great.
  9. I just wanted to create a topic for us young ones out here, so that we can talk! :)Anyway, I am Bart and I am 14 (15 in september). I love volleyball, tennis and football and of course Web Design and Graphic Design.
  10. I am working on a website, which my cousin left me with, before he went to hospital for a month, and I promised him to get it done. However he is a VERY HTML guy, where as I use CSS for layouts and I am not good with table nesting either.I wanted to ask for help, because I do not know how to remove the cream outline (border) of the website. I just want the orangey, browny colour to fill the background, instead of the background I have at the moment. This would look better without the outline.Here is the URL: My WebsiteThanks a lot
  11. I have Firefox, Chrome and IE. Internet Explorer 8 was said to be AWESOME before it came out, but it is in fact a lot of garbage. It is shocking. Worse browser ever.I use Chrome most because it is quick, but I like Firefox, because of it's addons like Css viewer, Fire Bug and many many more.
  12. I really like the chatbox idea. Maybe make it like an online, community chatbox. With like 10 different chat rooms and chat rooms with different topics! This sounds great!!. Vytas, why dont you PM me and we could talk about it and then together we could get some people and get the project rolling!
  13. Today I wanted to share with you a great, free hosting service which I found. Personally I use it for testing, since it supports all technologies! (including PHP, MySQL, quick FTP connection and many more!)They provide hosting absolutely free, there is no catch. You get 1500 MB of disk space and 100 GB bandwidth. They also have cPanel control panel which is amazing and easy to use website builder. Moreover, there is no any kind of advertising on your pages.You can register here: http://www.000webhost.com/169010.htmlI really recommend this service for everyone!
  14. Well if we organised everyone, I have an idea of a project to make. We could make an imitation of an operating software (like windows or linux) but on a website. I mean so that the website behaved like an operating system and had lots of small applications, games etc. Like minesweeper, calculator, music player etc. etc.
  15. Oh right, I am very sorry. My bad for not checking.Sorry
  16. I see that you have added padding too, thats what I would have done to get the text off the edges. Its ok now you have it sorted thoughModerator, close the topic please
  17. In my opinion this is just a filled in template. Personally I dont like it and I dont think it suits the theme of pokemon. There are many defects, like the bar on the left not being in the right place and the last button being off-set ( I suspect that there are errors in the CSS, but I did not have time to look into it). I would make a brand new page, from scratch if I was you. The website is not working well in Google Chrome either.I am trying to be constructive, but I think that this site needs redoing mate ... SorryP.S. Personally I wouldnt launch (host) a site until the Beta version is fully completed, but I know others would say otherwise.If you want to talk or want some help Pm me.Good Luck!
  18. I had an idea of having (maybe twice or once a year) a HUUUUGE, joint project at W3Schools. I mean so that everyone had a part in it to do. So that there would be things for the very beginners and challenges for the pros. Maybe making a huge, complicated website??This would be supervised by the administrators and moderators of this forum. They would assign each member a small piece to do within a deadline, and then collect it and place it on a free server. Then the administrator (or one of the moderators, whoever will be the Project Manager) will put all of these parts together and create a HUGe project. Maybe give some people jobs to make forms, polls, etc. Then others could write a css layout, others could do a database in MySQL. Someone could make an admin panel in ASP and JS etc etc etc. THERE ARE MANY IDEAS AND POSSIBILITIES!I think that this would be a great idea, and I would appreciate any feedback on this matter.Thanks
  19. Well I would say that the best way is here for you on this website! (W3 Schools!). The start is from the very scratch and the lessons are very clear and easy to understand. I think that here is the best way to start. Once you know a bit, I would do what someone above suggested, which is setting yourself little projects to make, and if you cant get a certain thing, find out and research about it on the internet. Google is always helpful, but also this website can answer MANY questions.Good Luck with your learning!
  20. Hi guys, I am Bart and I am 14 years old. I am a young web designer and graphics. I am strong in HTML, XHTML, CSS and nearly there with JavaScript (learning in progress, but know a lot already). I am very confident using Photoshop, and other proffessional software. I am looking for new friends (especially in my age group) and people to talk to or help.
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