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    I enjoy nothing more than when my boyfriend looks over my shoulder because he's interested in what I'm doing, when making websites. <br /><br />I've been passionate about website design for the past 10 years or so. Although I am young, I have been at this for a while. I am a self taught website designer, who likes to focus more on the creative design aspect than the coding.<br /><br />I have been working on launching my own freelance website design project called Make It Spiffeh.
  1. It works, I have a high resolution, and the website spanned to the whole width of the page. Load times were excellent. There is evidence of know how with design (which is my huge thing) but it still is a little basic.
  2. I don't know if you deleted your freewebs account, but the website is not found
  3. Why do php websites have to be so ugly? It's like you coding enthusiasts despise graphical appeal.
  4. Very plain... boring... This is the type of layout that could apply to any basic website.
  5. When making an earthy nature looking website, whether it be a rock, grass, leaf, sand, etc theme Simple is not good. Simple is good with vector/modern designs. I like the 3rd one the most because of the detail. More decorative things like cactus's or rocks peeking out from behind the header would give it the sprucening it needs.
  6. makeitspiffeh


    The background distracting... I would use it for a header instead of having a boring one. The transparency of the content boxes only adds to the distraction-ness of the background... also your colour coordination sucks. Red on blue looks amateur.
  7. I'm a huge fan of narrow layouts, and you nailed it. I love the header!
  8. I like the layout, but not the text. I would make it smaller, and dark.
  9. makeitspiffeh


    You should ask in the help section
  10. makeitspiffeh

    Gfx Zone

    The colours are nice, but like others have stated, its lacking detail and complexity.
  11. I cannot access the website with the URL you provided.
  12. It works but it's ugly. To the inexperienced user, an ugly website may add up to a unfinished, unprofessional website.
  13. Well the layout is lacking the "gamer feel" that many are looking for. The header appears to be a premade header with ugly alterations to it. I am a fan of the horizontal navigation. It's clean, straight to the point, and easy to use.Load times are good, but I run 3 GB of ram and a very high speed internet connection, so what loads fast for me, may not load fast for others. No complaints here though.
  14. So I have this background for this table. It's an image that I do not want to repeat no matter how large the table is. Here's the table code as of right now. <table border="0" width="100%" height="100%" cellpadding="4" cellspacing="1"> <tr> <td width="41%" height="22"><img src="images/test.gif"></td> <td width="62%" height="22" background="images/itemdis.gif"> <font face="Trebuchet MS"> <b> ITEM NAME</b><br> Price: $00.00<br> <font size="2" color="#009999">Description: Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah
  15. That works too... but I love those divs and absolute positioning... I use them so often I can usually guess approx what all the numbers will be when it's in notepad before I preview it.
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