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  1. It works, I have a high resolution, and the website spanned to the whole width of the page. Load times were excellent. There is evidence of know how with design (which is my huge thing) but it still is a little basic.
  2. I don't know if you deleted your freewebs account, but the website is not found
  3. Why do php websites have to be so ugly? It's like you coding enthusiasts despise graphical appeal.
  4. Very plain... boring... This is the type of layout that could apply to any basic website.
  5. When making an earthy nature looking website, whether it be a rock, grass, leaf, sand, etc theme Simple is not good. Simple is good with vector/modern designs. I like the 3rd one the most because of the detail. More decorative things like cactus's or rocks peeking out from behind the header would give it the sprucening it needs.
  6. makeitspiffeh


    The background distracting... I would use it for a header instead of having a boring one. The transparency of the content boxes only adds to the distraction-ness of the background... also your colour coordination sucks. Red on blue looks amateur.
  7. I'm a huge fan of narrow layouts, and you nailed it. I love the header!
  8. I like the layout, but not the text. I would make it smaller, and dark.
  9. makeitspiffeh


    You should ask in the help section
  10. makeitspiffeh

    Gfx Zone

    The colours are nice, but like others have stated, its lacking detail and complexity.
  11. I cannot access the website with the URL you provided.
  12. It works but it's ugly. To the inexperienced user, an ugly website may add up to a unfinished, unprofessional website.
  13. Well the layout is lacking the "gamer feel" that many are looking for. The header appears to be a premade header with ugly alterations to it. I am a fan of the horizontal navigation. It's clean, straight to the point, and easy to use.Load times are good, but I run 3 GB of ram and a very high speed internet connection, so what loads fast for me, may not load fast for others. No complaints here though.
  14. So I have this background for this table. It's an image that I do not want to repeat no matter how large the table is. Here's the table code as of right now. <table border="0" width="100%" height="100%" cellpadding="4" cellspacing="1"> <tr> <td width="41%" height="22"><img src="images/test.gif"></td> <td width="62%" height="22" background="images/itemdis.gif"> <font face="Trebuchet MS"> <b> ITEM NAME</b><br> Price: $00.00<br> <font size="2" color="#009999">Description: Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah</font></font><br> <center><a href="link.htm">Link</a></center></td> </tr></table> Can someone modify that for me so itemdis.gif doesn't repeat.
  15. That works too... but I love those divs and absolute positioning... I use them so often I can usually guess approx what all the numbers will be when it's in notepad before I preview it.
  16. Ok you can close this now..... I broke down and 'd it for firefox.... so now it looks exactly the same on both.... Using the code I just posted... It works, I'm happy, it's just really sloppy now.
  17. I don't know exactly what you are asking but just try this Div box... You can move it anywhere you want all over the page just by changing some numbers. <div style="width:400;height:400;position:absolute;top:50;left:50;padding:0px;"><div style="width:100%;height:100%;border:1px solid #ff6000">WORDS GO HERE</div></div> Where it says "top:50" that's 50 pixels from the top. Where it says "left:50" that's 50 pixels from the left. You can add the padding part to the second div tag, and that just determines how many pixels from the border of your box you want your content to be. When you are done you can change the border:1px to 0px to remove the border, or change it up which ever way you like.This is the most useful code I have ever used. And yes, its css.
  18. Not bad, it all works and stuff, but I think you should do more with the layout. Make it more like the header.
  19. You think that will solve the issue with my original code????Ok I did this:a.side {width:213px; height:30px; background-image: url(images/sidehover.jpg); background-repeat: no-repeat; text-decoration: none;}a.side {width:213px; height:30px; color: #ffffff; font:12pt Tahoma; font-variant: small-caps; text-decoration: none;}a.side:hover {width:213px; height:30px; color: #493f37; background-image: url(images/sidelink.jpg); background-repeat: repeat-x; text-decoration: none;}a.side:active {width:213px; height:30px; color: #493f37; background-image: url(images/sidelink.jpg); background-repeat: no-repeat; text-decoration: none;} It switches back and forth in both IE and MF but, in MF it still doesn't span the 213px and it's not picking up the height either.... help!The code that was suggested didn't work at all unless I put class="side" in the <a href.. and with the <div class="side" it protruded the top link in the menu.. so I took that out, and it solved that problem. But it didn't have Tahoma as the font, nor was the font white on mouse-out... It also had an underline on the links. I better off with my original code. So I changed it up a bit... but I can't seem to get the width and the height to work in firefox, no matter where I put it. Sooooo stressful... I should hire someone to do the coding, and do what I do best - Designing!
  20. The Site name like the domain you mean? She had that before she contacted me... but I know what your saying.The blog thing I'm aware of. It's a cut from the butterfly wing on the home page And the highlight or dotted line that goes across the page, I don't know how to fix : / I'm not sure if I know what you are talking about for the crease.... The one on the far right is so that the background doesn't just stop and go white or pink in this case, the background and layout is basically all one image. No slices or anything (so it may take a bit to load) so what I did with the background was take a slice from the botton of the layout and had it repeat-y with pink everything else. Or you could be talking about the crease right through going horizontally and thats intentional. I never noticed the meet your coach picture loading time, it is a big file, I should make it smaller.
  21. I didn't provide them with a CMS, instead I gave them instructions to do it in either Frontpage or Notepad by just CTRL +F 'ing a word that is in the content so they can find all there words. With basic html codes like <B> <u> people don't usually have a problem, and they just come to me if they do, and I'm happy to help.----Oh and yes... I used CSS for this layout. I <3 CSS!
  22. Thanks, I'll try it out, see if it works. And I'll let you know.
  23. I know you said not to say that it was too pink and that it's blinding me.... because it is... I would offset that by putting a dark background for text in the big pink part. It's kinda simple and boring...
  24. Looks great, I didn't check for any glitches, but the layout is fantastic.
  25. One of the best layouts I've seen on here yet.
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