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  1. Also, id's are one time only usage, its not proper technique to use the same id twice, while classes can be used for multiple elements, and specifying single elements with that class.
  2. If you still need help on the footer, I got an idea that might work for you depending, on how you did it. I would place the footer information in a div with a class or an id name. Let's say its <div id="footer"> since you already have a main and a sidebar done, you need to put #footer {clear: both;} in the CSS that would make it move to the bottom, you can specify a width, however the vertical height needs to be adjusted using margin-top, margin-bottom properties in CSS.
  3. if you don't want to use the div align, try putting in a margin-left: auto, margin-right: auto, together they center the block level element.
  4. bladexhunt


    I think that you should change those links that they stay in the same page instead of opening up a new tab/new window. You could also change up the fonts, and provide some more examples of your own work. Just that ocean clip is kinda small.
  5. Dunno if you still need help, but a really good WYSIWYG editor is Aptana, go for Aptana Studio since you can always just add RoR to the original, its built on eclipse a well known java ide, and its pretty good in my opinion as a freeware product. I don't think its open source, and its cross platform so you can check it on all your different OSes, if you need help with making your site still, just email me at drafterxml@live.com
  6. One of my favorite editors is Expression Web, I've been using 2 for a while, just got 3, from the upgrade pack. I also like the new Aptana Studio, thats pretty useful as well since its crossplatform and works of Ecplise.
  7. I was reading about the padding trick with IE in an article about column based layouts in css, basically if you use padding in IE, it messes up sometimes, so you use div containers, and it should work. Also if you are using CSS make sure you have the strict doctype with your XHTML if you really want it to work, if its transitional or loose or HTML , IE will slip in to its own rendering, the strict DOCTYPE helps to to force it to work.
  8. Best resource for me when starting out was sigtutorials.com, and psd.tutsplus.com, sigtutorials is made for mostly signatures and tags but it does go over a lot of tools and using different elements. psd.tutsplus.com has almost all the tools shown and detailed especially the text tool which is rather detailed, taught me a lot. You need to get good at each tool starting with the basic tools such as resizing and moving around with the brush and eraser. That helps to make website mockups. Once you get a lil better with the basic tools start looking into your options, for web mockup tuts go to hv-designs.co.uk , the guy has a lot of great freebies and articles on how to make some cool looking websites. Make sure to find the jquery and coding articles, a must read.
  9. That fix changes the paragraph to paragraph though, if you want to change space in paragraphs use padding values, change it so its a negative value usually % or px, dunno if em works though, since there is no standard padding.
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