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  1. This is pretty easy. The first point is just css, use the :hover pseudo class - http://www.w3schools...udo_classes.asp The second is similar, add a click event that changes the element, that classes CSS will use the new background image. Then add an onmouseout that removes the class. Third, like before, give a class to the clicked image. When you click to a new image loop through your classes and remove that class, then give that class to the new image. Equally you could just store the id of that image in a variable to speeden up the process. Edit: Haha Ingolme beat me to it.
  2. I agree 100% with the OP. Thank you justsomeguy, you're name is ironic because "YOU DA MAN!", quite frankly. As stated before by others this forum is full of nice people who are very helpful just as yourself, Deirdre's Dad and many others. In my short time on this site things have never changed and that is good. I plan to come here for many more years and read JSG's informative posts.
  3. It would help if you could say what the site is (I used to write GM scripts for 2 years). I'm guessing you're taking post id's? Well basically you take the element e.g. <p id="element">___1234___</p> var str = document.getElementById('element');str.innerHTML = str.innerHTML.replace(...);
  4. string.replace(regexp/substr,newstring) Will replace every instance it finds if you use a /g flag which you have. So just go str.replace(/___([0-9]{4})___/g, "<a href=\"http://site.com?ID=$1\">$1</a>"). Good luck!
  5. I really like the new look. It's fresh, sleek and clean. Plus the new features are bountiful. I'm guessing we can use this as a "What does this button do?" thread. @ApocalypeX
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    I don't think it's appropriate for you to be asking us for money on this website as it's completely off topic and rather uncomfortable for readers (I know I don't like seeing this).I've been away from the site for a few months, and I remember you from before. You share a lot of your problems with us on this site, which really are inappropriate or have nothing to do with the idea/topic of the forum. These forums are for discussing web development. You can discuss your web development problems here but this (and a few of your other threads) have nothing to do with web development are as I stated above, uncomfortable and strange/silly to see. Even when you have a legitimate question/problem with web development, you always seem to redirect to a personal problem as an excuse.I don't mean to be rude, but I don't really want to come to this site and see a post asking me (or other forum goers) for money.
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    Are you asking us for money?
  8. Fine if you really want to, but it's really not a smart thing to do for screen size compatibility.1 - CSS3 lets you http://www.css3.info/preview/background-size/2 - Use some Javascript on an img tag to resize it to the browser, and place it behind the main content with CSS.Also that website's header doesn't resize, but whatever.
  9. It would probably make more sense to write this "AI" in Javascript as it would be more responsive/less-load-time. Also if you used Javascript you could redefine the AI at runtime, which is what AI's do.
  10. Set the image as the background.background:url(image) #color center top no-repeat scroll;You want to make sure the left, right and bottom have a gradient color which matches the background colour incase the viewer has a bigger screen than the image.
  11. You should only post if you have spent about 30 minutes trying to figure out a problem. Otherwise it's pointless to post your problems here when they are so easily spotted.
  12. Huh?Anyways, You cannot have special characters in a filepath because:1 the system might not recognize the character or the user will not be able type the character.2 you cannot have spaces in your file.www.eduardlid.com/espanol/first_order
  13. Set minimal sizes for your elements and then you wont have a problem when the screen is resized too much.
  14. It's an Apache exploit that lets you basically DDoS a server with relative ease. It is in every version of Apache from 1.3 - 2.2(?). So you should update your Apache packages. I just got back from holiday and I'm about to do it.
  15. I've been away working on a few projects and some I want to release Open Source so anyone can use it. Now obviously I need to write up documentation etc.But I look at some of my smaller tools/projects and they are not OOP. Now I know that I should use the best method for the job and for example a little uploading repo for pics, isn't large. So I built it using a number or scripts rather than classes. Should I refactor them to be more Object Oriented for the sake of allowing them to be expanded by others with more ease? Or keep them simple by nature/"don't fix it if it aint broke".
  16. Yes, I have a friend who recently set up a webhost and I remember him talking about it custom php.ini for sites.A quick Google search and I think this is what you want.http://www.howtoforge.com/how-to-specify-a...e2-with-mod_php
  17. I guess I haven't missed much in my absence...
  18. Why don't you add them to the string object instead of random functions?String.prototype.methodName = function(){....}
  19. Use AJAX to grab the data, then process it and feed it to your gallery. You don't even need a html page in terms of visually. You could just have a text file with links or maybe JSON formatted, XML etc. if you have any idea what they are/allow you to do.
  20. It looks and operates great. My only qualm is I instinctively clicked the logo in the top left to get to the homepage. I think a link to the homepage should be added to it; it's almost standard for users to click a logo to go home.
  21. So I don't think this subforum has been used to critique code snippets. I wrote a little function that gives out correct datatypes of JavaScript variables/objects. I would like to add it to something larger, maybe jQuery, but that's not really important at the moment.Any problems you encounter or refinements you have please do post them. var datatypeof = function(data, v){ var verbose = v || false, datatype = (typeof data); switch (datatype){ case "object": if(data === null){ datatype = "null"; } else if(data.push !== undefined){ if(data.hasOwnProperty("push")){ datatype = "object"; } else{ datatype = "array"; } } else if(data.constructor() === (new Date()).constructor() && data !== undefined){ datatype = "date"; } else{ datatype = "object"; } break; case "number": datatype = ((verbose) ? (function(){ var reg = /[0-9](\.)[0-9]/, point = reg.test(data.toString()); return ((point) ? "float" : "int"); }()) : "number"); break; case "function": if(data.constructor() === (new RegExp()).constructor()){ datatype = "regexp"; } break; } return datatype;}; An example of it in use is: datatypeof(1);datatypeof(1.1);datatypeof(1.1, true);datatypeof(new Date());
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    Python is a general purpose scripting language for doing... everything almost. If you want to learn it go ahead.
  23. This is the wrong forum. But to answer your question.I have used http://www.000webhost.com/ in the past.
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