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  1. aszxcv

    PHP Editor?

    php designer 2008
  2. aszxcv

    linux install?

    i am actually holding off on installing linux the comment average windows user actually motivated me to study windows vista and be more proficient at that before i moved to linux. i am off to a good start i know a good portion of cmd commands etc... watching various youtube vids on various vista subject picked up several books on just vista adminstration. i have windows vista home premium so i am kind of limited as to what i can backup. i probably install linux late next year or not. i am starting to dig windows since i am getting more comfortable with it. any recommendation ?
  3. aszxcv

    linux install?

    i actually fixed the corrupted hard drivei downloaded c cleaner, adwatch 2008, advance windows care fixed broken registry i no longer get corrupted c drive and i am able to backup
  4. aszxcv

    linux install?

    i cant because i cant get the screen to advance due to the error on disk. i never debated this lol, but i can pick up things pretty fast. i am a nurse by trade so i haven't had much time to play around with os due to work and school just basic task such as microsoft works to get my school work done, but now i have alot of free time being i am not doing that anymore and i can dedicate myself . i hope not because i just bought my pc last year it is a duo core 2ghs 2gb rams . i might have to go this route when i save up some money.
  5. aszxcv

    linux install?

    i logged in as an adminand ran chkdsk /f /r C:code but still when i go to backup i still get disk has an errormy pc has been doing chkdsk for about 2 months everytime i startup my pcso for whatever reason it isnt finding anythingi dont know what else to do
  6. aszxcv

    linux install?

    n/v i see how to on youtube
  7. aszxcv

    linux install?

    where do you go to sign in as an adminstration?
  8. aszxcv

    linux install?

    i cant run it as an adminstratori go to start menu and right click on vista button but dont get run as adminstrator option
  9. aszxcv

    linux install?

    wow now any time i run a dos prompt the screen just stay up for a millisecondi cant see nothingso i cant run the prompt from the article you listed because the dos screen just flash on and offwhat could be causing this?
  10. aszxcv

    linux install?

    i want to install linux so i can learn bash scripting from the terminal and also just to try another os beside windowsi was advice to backup windows before i install linuxbut when i try to backup my content i get when my cpu reboots it always check for disk inconsistencies but never resolved the issuei cant even backup to dvd's because of the issueshould i just install linux blind and hope for the besti have been trying to fix disk c error for the longest but it never get resolved
  11. netbeans or eclipseyou can get netbeans from java.sun.comand eclipse from eclipse.org
  12. aszxcv

    unzipping issues

    that doesnt work eitheri tried all the unzipping programs and none workthe files i am downloading isnt one once you click one the rest extract i was told to try hj split but i cant get files to show up once i extract folder
  13. i download a file with multiples rar or zip files 00 -05 volumes etc...i try to open it but no matter what i do it say i need the first volumei try to open the first volume and i still get no wherethe only files i get open are the ones with just 1 single file no multiple volumesi tried various unzipping programs and get the same errorit is not one of those rapidshare download that you get multiple rapidshare linksit is just one rapidshare link that inside is pack multiple volumes of the same itemi dont know why uploader does this with particular items but they do
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