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  1. media="all".wp-core-ui .button, .wp-core-ui .button-primary, .wp-core-ui .button-secondary { <a href="#" id="insert-media-button" class="button insert-media add_media" data-editor="pv_seller_info" title="Add Media"><span class="wp-media-buttons-icon"></span> Add Media</a> Hello, I need some css help beyond my knowledge. I'm using wordpress, woocommerce and matt's product vendor. I can add custom css however I can't get the correct display none. There is a add media button I want to hide for my vendors without hiding all media buttons. Using chrome inspect element,
  2. Hi Can someone point me in the direction of a tutor so I can learn how to remove or hide things using css. I'm running a wordpress woocommerce store and need to add css in a plug-in box that will remove or hide items. If I have to I can find the css sheet for the plug-in and work from there. I know how to build a basic css sheet to make my own pages but never tried to remove anything using css. Any help of where I can find a good tutor would be much appreciated.Kimberly
  3. Hi, I am reworking an old web site by starting over. I have done a lot of reading on xml to make a database for random or next page link to put on all my web site pages. I have some 1500 pages so when I rebuild I probably only have 500 after cutting the less viewed pages. Anyway, I have inspyder to create gmz sitemaps but can set it to make a xml site map for a database for the web site. I use expression web to create my web site but mostly I hand code in html and a bit of php. I have been doing this since 1999 and still love html.. My problem is how to put a button on my site using the xml s
  4. Thank you very much, that makes totally sense now I see it.
  5. Hello, I would like to put a border around Images but only in one section (page_content) of the site and not the whole page. Here is what I have and can someone please help me. #page_content { float: left; width: 480px; margin-top: 10px; margin-bottom: 10px; margin-left: 10px; margin-right: 10px;}Thank you for your timeKimberly
  6. Hello, I want to add a search to my web sites without using google custom search. I have been search for software, service or script that I can use to do a simple index of all 11 web sites. I don't even mind if I had to open the software and run an update weekly. I don't really want to install anything on my site because I am not good with that type of stuff. Anyone know of any good search engine software or services? Thank you in advanceKimberly
  7. Thanks, I had some people on another forum give me what some ideas about CSS and jQuery to research and other term keywords to look for on google. I have a direction to research now.
  8. So you know:Before posting I knew: CSS was only the style stuff.I knew it would take more then only CSS to do what I wanted. I had only hoped someone could point me in the right direct since part of coding would need to be CSS. Thanks for your time
  9. I have been doing a lot of research since my last posting and I guess it called a floating toolbar head or footer. The Hello Bar is nice but you have to be invited. However I would be happy with a little box the that came up at the bottom that showed up and faded away after a few seconds that can be reopened by the click of the bottom. I can manual daily put in the new printable I offered that day. As you can tell I am kind of lost on what to do. My main goal is to find a way to add a notification without having to make a new flash banner ever day. I figure it was worth asking for a direction
  10. I have been using Wibiya and other similar tools as well as looked at Hello Bar. I watched my web site audience uses of these tools and they only tool they use is the live notification where each day I post the newest free printable. I really don’t need a full toolbar and wonder if there was a way with CSS to make a simple notification where I can put in what is the days need offer and a link, nothing fancy. Any help would be very much appreciated.Kimberly
  11. I use your earlier posting and using a box for each articles and used the <p></p> and it looks like that is going to work. I have a few browser text to run but so far so good.Thanks
  12. ok, that I understand. It gives me some ideas on how to work with this.
  13. I started with no height and tried auto before putting a height in, nothing worked but the box was way to small. thanks
  14. Hello, I wanted to switch a index page from html tables to css and after three days of crawling in the corner and eating my hair I am finally getting closer to what I want however the bottom is not lining up correct. No matter how much I tweak with height of the section it is does not change or something... I am very lost on this one. Logically the change the height changes the height of the section. I also messed with the height in the body codes but that did not help either.Here is the page: http://www.momsbreak.com/Codes I can't seem to fix correctly./* Articles */#container3 { width: 900p
  15. Thank you for the help. I am much closer to the look I want.
  16. Hello, I am not very good at css but trying to learn. I am still working on this site but you can at least see my problem http://www.printableshop.com/My problem at this point is the scissors image. I thought I could make an image with a white rectangle and scissors on the right hand side of the what image and made them a png as long as I made it the same width that #main then I could adjust the right side margins from there to make it all fit correct but the scissors are running down both sides. #main { float: right; width: 600px; padding: 0; margin: 0; padding-left: 10px; padding-right: 10px
  17. Kimbh

    transparent question

    But I am not working for a client. I owned my online business since 1999 and I like tweaking stuff ever so year or two just for a different look semi-updated but always the same logo. When I first did this site all there was was HTML and JavaScript pull down menu, it was all hand coding or copy and paste a code. I have moved to Article Manager but that was before their where CMS as we know them today. blogging was not even a word then. I do like to ever couple of years try to make my site a bit more up to date design. Right now I just trying to leave a few CSS things I can work in to make the
  18. Kimbh

    transparent question

    I have been doing the "Validate, test, tweak, validate, test, tweak ... " for several days now and now walking away for a few days so I can look at it again with fresh eyes in the middle of the week. Now I am trying to learning how to set up a membership area on a web site section (different site) then I come back to this "Validate, test, tweak, validate, test, tweak ... " -- The real questions is: How crazy do I want to drive myself tweaking. Hope you are having a good Independence Day HolidayKimber
  19. Kimbh

    transparent question

    That helped more than I can possible say. I have a whole new design up now. It needs some tweaking here and there but I am slowing getting there. Driving my family and friends nuts making them give me input ever step of the way but getting there
  20. Kimbh

    transparent question

    Thanks, I do a lot of graphic design so I can do a png. would have never thought of that
  21. Kimbh

    transparent question

    Hello, I am horrible with css and have to pick here and there to leaven things. I been working with codes like background-color: transparent; color: whitebackground-color: #ffffff; opacity: 0.5; and all kind of other combo's but nothing working right. What I am trying to do: At http://www.momsbreak.com/printable/index.shtml I was trying to get the part where the articles are, the white background, to be just a very small bit transparent so the background show through but everything I try make the text and image transparent also. I tried the codes in several place but mainly in this spot: #wr
  22. Hello,I have a landing page that is only html with text. There is no css or anything else. I have read that tables make a web site load slower however that is the only way I can see to put in google adsense ads in the text. Any thoughts an another way to handle this with html? Thanks
  23. Thank you both for the advice. I had a bad feel there was not way around hand coding the html files but this confirms what I was thinking. I will check out the editors listed then start blocking an hour a day to play with an editor and see if I can learn how to do this.
  24. Hello, To start let me saying I know html and have had several business web sites for 10 years now using html or article manager cgi based software which is not longer available. But the world moved on to CSS which I am really struggling with. So I bought artisteer to use make a few google blogs and to help me learn which I do now understand how it works. The css controls the look and I can tweak the codes some for design. Here is where I need advice on. I have a ton of unused domain names which I wanted to make some small general info pages which will not be updates very often so I really do
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