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  1. My favorite would be Notepad++ followed by Dreamweaver.
  2. Ah! It was not inside a wrapper, so I made one and added the overflow:hidden and it worked.Thanks so much! Right, I see what you mean. I think I may have added it there originally because it wasn't going to be the entire width, but in the middle .. I think. Gone now though. Thanks again guys!
  3. Hello everyone,I'm having a slight problem using the new "drop-shadow" CSS with Firefox and Opera, thought it works fine in Chrome, IE9, and Safari.Here is the issue, I have a top Navigation Bar under my page Header div, both have a margin set to "0 auto" so that they span the entire page (horizontally).I've applied a drop-shadow to the Navbar using CSS, and now, in FF and Opera, there is a bottom scrollbar.If all that is confusing, maybe to code will make more sense: /* -- HEADER -- */#header { margin:0 auto; padding:15px 0 10px; 0; background:#464646; /* dark gray */ background-image:url('
  4. Hello everyone!I've been using W3Schools for a while now and I've been meaning to join the forum and I finally have.I really like the site, it is very helpful and my #1 online reference.I look forward to being part of the community,John
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