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  1. in a separate table, like this.: <div><table></table><table></table><table></table><table></table><table></table><div> every table is set up like the one in my first post code the div has the id="chat_txt"
  2. Thank you, I am now able to hide all the tables in the chat box, i just need to figure out how to select only the ones from the user(s) i would like to hide.
  3. Hi, i am playing a game and there is a user in chat that bothers me and other players a lot but he does not break any game rule... i was wondering if there is a way i could block or mute his text with a JavaScript if so, does anyone have a tutorial on how to code something like this? the chat have no ID but every chat message is put out like this. <table border="0" padding="0" cellspacing="0" width="100%"> <tbody> <tr> <td width="90" class="chat"> <div id="202525"></div> 2015-08-24 0
  4. jaylow

    foreign key error

    Hello, i have 2 tables. one is for users to sign up and the other is to make character. i added a foreign key to the character table to link it to the members table not when i sign up it just adds me to the table but when i want to make a character it give me this error i want to link the character_id to the id in the members table, so i know what character belongs to what member.. i get: ERROR:could not able to execute INSERT INTO `character` (charname, ######, gold, xp, accdate) VALUES ('jay', 'male', 100000, 0, now()).Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constra
  5. That was it! thank you very much!
  6. now i am getting the error: ERROR:could not able to execute INSERT INTO character (charname, ######, gold, xp, accdate) VALUES ('sam', 'male', 100000, 0, now()).You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'character (charname, ######, gold, xp, accdate) VALUES ('sam', 'male', 100000, 0, n' at line 1 making me think the "now()" has a issue. i tried quotation marks around it but did not help $sql = "INSERT INTO character (charname, ######, gold, xp, accdate) VALUES ('$charname', '$######', 100000,
  7. Hello, i am having issues adding info to a database i have a html from where a user should fill in charname and select ###### then press submit. if i do this i get the error ERROR:could not able to execute INSERT INTO character(charname, ######, xp, gold, accdate) VALUES(jay, male, 0, 100000, now()).You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'character(charname, ######, xp, gold, accdate) VALUES(jay, male, 0, 100000, now())' at line 1 <?php include_once 'db_connect.php'; include_once
  8. I have a session running after someone registers and log into my page and i want to use that session ID How can i use the session id to store new information into a other mysql database and when the same user logs in retrieve it again from that database? I want that the user log into the page and then create a character. I just don't know how to bind it together. I made a new page where you need to create/select Character name, $ex, Race, Home world and a new table called "players" with those 4 in it plus id and User_id how would i code it so that the users session ID from the
  9. its not drag and drop its on click move to location. i will have a look into Javascript animation it sounds promising. i was thinking some php should be there, as well and maybe a database, so that other images could be stored on them like a building and stay on that spot.
  10. Hi, i was wondering how to move a image over a 9x9 grid of other images The 9x9 would be 81 images of a size, lets say 32px by 32px The images that moves over them the same size 32x32. The 9x9 would be the background and the image that needs to be moved should stay centered. In what direction should i look, and are there any tutorials on the mather ? i was thinking that if i move the background the image would always stay centered but i dont know i that is a good idea. an exemple would be http://www.pardus.at or http://sylfex.redirectme.net
  11. its for everyone to see the same time, i would be used to show when a planet has a production tick. (to help my faction friends in a game) "when it gets to the end it's not going to be accurate"so javascript slows down afther some time? what do you mean with a "timestamp" a excact time when the time tick is?because those i have, (if i ask around) but for a test any time will do
  12. Hi, i am making a countdown timer that needs to countdown every 7 hours.seti have a time now that i can set to any time. and it counts down. now i want that it counts down ever 7 hours (starting at 14:02 to 21:02 to 4:02 to 11:02 ect)my questions are:1.how do i make it start on a specific time?2. how do i make it so that the timer does not start over everytime you refresh the page, or go to the page? i am pretty new to Javascript and this is the first thing i am "making"here is my code so farits just a countdown timer that counts down 5 seconds and restarts var Timer;var TotalSeconds; fun
  13. its seems that now all is good but one thing..if to <td> are next to iets other and have something in them they overlap...it has something to do with.cresent {position: absolute;background: #540400;}but if i turn that off it messes up even more..would ther be a way to make a 1px width by 90px height space inbetween 2 <td> in a table
  14. ha i got it \ / and the end result is less Css and the same html <td class="cresent"><div class="empthy"> </div><div class="empthy"> </div><div class="empthy"><img src="images/tld.png"></div><br class="clearboth" /><div class="empthy"><img src="images/center_l.png"></div><div class="empthy"> </div><div class="text">Ethernoan</div><div class="empthy"><img src="images/center_r.png"></div><br class="clearboth" /><div class="empthy"><img src="images/drd.png"><
  15. found outi can do it like this: <td><div class="empthy"> </div><div class="empthy"> </div><div class="empthy"><img src="images/tld.png"></div><br class="clearboth" /><div class="empthy"><img src="images/center_l.png"></div><div class="empthy"> </div><div class="empthy"><img src="images/center_r.png"></div><br class="clearboth" /><div class="empthy"><img src="images/drd.png"></div><div class="empthy"> </div><div class="empthy"> </div></td>
  16. if i remove the <div> around <div id="st_bc"><img class="st_bc" src="images/st.png"></div> and use position:relative; i can move the straigh bottom line on the right place. but that messes up all the other straigh bottom lines... does anyone know a way to make them all work out and stay in the bottom center (and top center) on the <td> with out pushing the left and right images up/down/left/right?i need to add this to every <td> in the code so it should work universalThanks also if i find a way to fix this i will post it here
  17. i am adding images to a table it needs to represent the connections between the sectors on a map (look at code and you understand)i use "float:" for the ones that go left and right and then position them with position:relative top and bottombut then ones that need to go in the top center and bottom center can not use float: so the push everything a bit uphow can i fix this?look at Venious 7.3 (in the red space)you can download the code in the attachment .html and .cssyou probably see i am pretty new to this Edit: i cant seem to upload the connection images that its all about (maybe to sma
  18. jaylow

    Two problems with IE

    mmhh i never used float,and i tryed some thing and it makes everthing hardershould i maybe remake the hole side from the starts?would that make things easyer,
  19. jaylow

    Two problems with IE

    okay will try to change it :)and why should i not use position absolute?
  20. jaylow

    Two problems with IE

    does not make it look beter just makes it more wierd:)
  21. Hi i am making a site, and in firefox it looks all okay but when i come to IE i have some problemsite herefirst thing: is the page does not center. second thing: the images sliders goes over the text .has anyone an idear on how to fix this 2 problems? also the page is now in a fixed size.. and i a would like to have it good for every screen res, does anyone have advice on how to do that?
  22. yeah i would think the same about the file's(sever does not care if corupt)its funnie i uploaded the demo script to my site unchanged and it "works"http://www.dzikiwschod.co.cc/image-gallery-2011/demo.html my last try will be to call all images the same as the images from the demo upload them in the same place and see if it workscause if i change the image path to my images its does nothing again, i think i should just make a page in html/cssand see if i can fix this/learn more about javascript slowly over time asking the host for help will not really work its free hosting and a free domai
  23. thanks for the developer console, never heard of it i think all the images get corupted or something when i upload them all the file paths are correct its the 100rd time i checkedbut the console says whit the arrow keys of the gallary :--[19:33:19.645] Image corrupt or truncated: http://www.dzikiwschod.co.cc/ahc/images/left.png @ http://www.dzikiwschod.co.cc/ahc/images/left.png and with the images that need to load[19:34:10.601] GET http://www.dzikiwschod.co.cc/ahc/images/earrings/13.jpg [HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found 2931ms] or--[19:34:15.742] GET http://www.dzikiwschod.co.cc/ahc/images/earrings
  24. okay thats not it...i checked all uploaded code nto see if its the same of the working codeand it is so i have no idear why one works and the other not.....
  25. okay okay i am coming closeri think because i have a 15KB conection (yes 25kb on a quick day)the javascript file did not upload good or something because i got a difrent gallery and uploaded the demo and then looked i it workedworkingthen changed it to my site and tadanot workingwhen i uploaded the demo it when slow but steadyand when i uploaded the changed layout and re-uploaded all the code to a difrent directory i got disconeted a few time or files Failed to upload p.s Have you ever seen a file take 4 minuts to upload and only is 140KB and then it fails to upload
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