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  1. Yeah, you are right... he didn't invent html, javascript and css, he just help develope using all of them together to create dynamic websites and pages that worked right and for IE browsers....
  2. Yeah, it was Microsoft's main web developer Scott Isaacs who is one of the main inventors of DHTML... DHTML also includes CSS.... see here for info on this...DHTML inventor
  3. I didn't think there was anything on a document that could not be changed using HTML, CSS or Javascript. I guess this is an example that proves my thinking wrong. When they wrote the CSS code they should have included the tags font-color and font-background-color to deal with situations like this. Thanks, Metootech
  4. Speed is not necessarily my priority, but it is a priority with the average non-programer viewing websites. Slow loading and pages that are jumping around while loading turn off the average website viewer. I like to keep the head area as clean as possible. Many times scripts in the head area can affect or conflict with code in the body area. True, your small head area script loads fast. I went to the link you provided above to view your page on depreciated elements. It loaded fast alright, but I noticed that when you click on the "Elements or Attributes" to view the drop down table of deprecia
  5. CSS has it's place in coding, but to border a 5 column 100 row table to look like a html table using CSS would involve a few pages of code, when a simple border=1 would do it, is pure code bloat. I think Microsoft's DHTML is a better way to go or use HTML, CSS, Javascript, with some php or asp server code will produce a simpler, quicker loading, less problems page. Using these codes together, with which ever code that works best and takes the least code will stop the code bloat that's going on these days in websites. Also, sometimes using inline javascript instead of head area or body area scr
  6. Here is the code on the popup page....the html file title is... image_dis2.html<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Item Pop Up</TITLE><script language='javascript'>var arrTemp=self.location.href.split("?");var picUrl = (arrTemp.length>0)?arrTemp[1]:"";var NS=(navigator.appName=="Netscape")?true:false;function FitPic() {iWidth = (NS)?window.innerWidth:document.body.clientWidth;iHeight = (NS)?window.innerHeight:document.body.clientHeight;iWidth = document.images[0].width - iWidth;iHeight = document.images[0].height - iHeight;iWidth2 = iWidth + 40;iHeight2 = iHeight + 40;window.r
  7. jesh, I could not get your code to work... the image would not popup... here's the original code I'm using on the parent page... (NOTE: this post editor seperates the word java and script in the code below, it has to be one word in order for the code to work!)<head><script type="text/javascript">function PopupPic(sPicURL){window.open("image_dis2.html?"+sPicURL,"","resizable=1,HEIGHT=200,WIDTH=200,TOP=10,LEFT=100");}</script></head><body><a href='java script:PopupPic("large.jpg")'><img src="thumbnail.jpg" height="161" width="215" border=0 title='Product -
  8. Hi all,Is there a way to change just the text background color (highlight) on an input button? I don't want to change the whole background color of the button, just the text area, which is written using value="the text of the button".On a html button, the background color of just the text area can be changed or highlighted without changing the background color of the whole button like this:<button><font style="background-color: #ffff00;">Click Here</font></button>This doesn't work with an input button because the text is written with a value statement. I was thinking ma
  9. Thanks for the replies! I've tried the defer and it doesn't work on this application. I guess you're right about the "disable function"... What I'm trying to do is "stop a script from working while my page loads" The script is a popup larger view of an image. If you click on a thumbnail, you get the larger view as a popup. The problem is... if you click on a thumbnail before all the images on the page are loaded, the popup stops the rest of the images from loading (also stops animated gifs from working) and when the popup is closed the page does not resume loading the rest of the images. You m
  10. I think you can disable a function otherwise popup blockers wouldn't work... would they?
  11. Hi all, my other post got no response, so maybe we can solve my problem one step at a time. What I would like to do here is disable a function (a popup) in a head statement script while my page is loading, and enable the function once my page has loaded. Would I need to do this in a separate script? If so, where would the script be placed... in the head area before or after the script containing the function, or in the body before or after the onclicks that trigger the function? Any help with this would be much appreciated.thanks... Metootech
  12. Don't like refresh using text, how about some buttons? You can code all kinds of buttons... html buttons, html form/input buttons, html graphic buttons, images as buttons, css buttons, even javascript buttons. The html input button does not have to be in a form to work. You must use javascript to activate all buttons except the graphic and image buttons. I like the html buttons, modified with css and activated with js. I'm using an IE browser. Here are some buttons you can use anywhere to refresh your page.This is simple stock html button with rounded corners, with push button effects, pointer
  13. I've posted a simular problem and I'm waiting for some help. You can refresh your page with this simple inline code which requires a click on the text to activate ( a button can also be set up to do this). Put it anywhere on your page. Automatic refreshes tend to loop. Note: this post editor will seperate the words java and script, these must be one word in order for this code to work. <a href="java script:window.location.reload(true)">Refresh Page</a>Thanks, Metootech
  14. I forgot the code for the image link to trigger the popup... see below. PLEASE NOTE: THE WORD JAVASCRIPT MUST BE ONE WORD FOR THIS LINK CODE TO WORK! The code box seperates the java from script when I post and I can't make it stay one word by editing.Maybe my question is too tough or impossible to do! Or maybe this could be delayed or disabled until the page is loaded with an onLoad statement put in the code of the product page??? Metootech <a href='java script:PopupPic("product_large_image.jpg")'><img src="product_thumbnail_image.jpg" height="75" width="100" border="0" title='Produc
  15. Except for the page load problem, this is one of the best popup large image viewers I have ever seen. The popup is closed by one of the following methods: you can click on the "Close This Window" or by clicking on the usual red x in the top right corner or by just left or right click anywhere outside of the popup. You can only bring one popup up at a time because the new popup closes the old one. This is a 2 part script. One script goes in the head statement on the pages where you want popups and the other script goes in a seperate file which is the popup page. I modified the popup page file s
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