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  1. that could've been helpful from the start :)i'll have a look at the code now i know what the problem is.edit: apart from you having some really old / wierd styling in there, it's all inline, each TD has it's own style="..." which is silly. you'd be much better off creating two classes (one for the dashed border and one for the solid border) and allocating that class to the relevant datacells.the fact that it doesn't work in firefox suggests that your using outdated styles.also you've assigned the style element text-align to a table wich is odd.i can't actually pinpoint the problem, if i had time then mayb e i could but i don't sorryp.s. i never knew ctrl+shift+a was validator shortcut either
  2. Thanks for that guys, helps alot. i'll get hold of some of the standards so that it will help you lot more.the name nextstep is supposed to be lowercase bold, which is a problem when linking in a menu.
  3. "If I am not wrong, IE7 doesn't allow putting <head> tag in <body> tag while FF and Opera allow it"why on earth would you put <head> tag in the <body> tag?
  4. i'm thinking about re-designing one of our websites. it's very plain and basic - would appreciate ideas and tips.http://www.nextstep-cds.org.ukthe thing thats the biiiitch is that we have quite strict standards to adhere to. it'd take me too long to type them all, and you too long to read so i wont bother :)thanks
  5. http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=painting+...cial&hs=xC2
  6. i agree with aspnetguy, it certainly took me back too far. it reminds me of the average user homemade websites in frontpage or similar. if it's targeted at a specific group of people then it may well work but for an average web surfer...possibly if you change the colour scheme, mainly the acid green.just my oppinion - other people will obviously think different
  7. nice site and nice idea, shame spurs are crap really gwan plymouth argyle.the way the different shades of pink work together looks nice n feminin, the picture previews are all the same size which looks nice, for some reason the contact us box is blue, kinda throws me off a bit. :mellow:on the contact us page you have <li style="margin:5px;"> on almost all of the li's - it would be better to put these in a class in the CSS. infact most of your styles semes to be inline now that i look at it. which is especially bad for the nav.you also have links that look like their trying to reach the folder above, using things like "href="./contact.php" - i could be wrong but i think it's two .s so "href="../contact.php" however if it's in your root folder it's probably easier to just use a forward slash indicating the root folder: "href="/contact.php"looking nice and girly though.P.S. - the girls are nice
  8. whats extension of your include file, it sounds like your trying to include .html file? try .asp
  9. Johnmitchell

    send mail

    you could load it into more than string variable and then concatenate the variables together, to avoid exceeding the memory limit.
  10. Johnmitchell

    newb error

    maybe i've been taught ASP in a funny way but this usually works for me:you have,<%response.write("<p style='color:#0000ff'>This text is styled with the style attribute!</p>")%>where i would use double " for the paragraphs style:<%response.write("<p style=""color:#0000ff"">This text is styled with the style attribute!</p>")%>what that basically does is goes out of ASP into html to write <p style=, then it comes out of html into asp then back into html to write color: #0000ff, out of html then back into html to finnish the statement off.i think the ASP is seeing the ' as a comment notation, thus why it's expecting a statement.edit: also what you could do is<p style="color:#0000ff"><%= This text is styled with the style attribute! %></p>but that tends to be more useful when your working with variables:<% dim StrSQLStrSQL = "This is the SQL String"%><p style="color: #0000ff"><%= StrSQL %></p><%= is the same as saying response.write
  11. i haven't read these posts because there are too many and at a glance it looks like a flame fest.all i'd say is, it really isn't much different / unique from anything else - if you can make it a brand new idea then great.p.s. if the first post you see is one that sais it's boring and uneventfull then you can count it as bitchy. if the next 5 posts say the same thing then maybe you should start taking on the criticism positively and thinking how you can make it better rather than fighting a lost battle.
  12. cool looking site, but you could do better than using an image to render the background, though it's no doubt small file size it could be improved using styles. that would give you a bit more experience using html / css aswell. another work around that would be better for download speeds is just making the background image 1px high and repeating it down. or if it needs to be the same height as the slanted lines to the side, you can make it the same height.apart from that it looks cool, so long as the blog isn't you typing it drectly into html?
  13. cool site that's helpfull to me too.i think what he means by special software is things like flash, swish and stuff.it all depends on the amount of effort your going to put into it and whether it's just going to fall on it's arse in a few weeks. i'd suggest trying to code it in HTML and CSS first is a good idea.
  14. 'alt' abreviation for alternate, as in alternet text. title is pretty self explanatory.although in firefox i'm sure alt brings up a tooltip :S might be wrong.
  15. i did hear somewhere that IE7 doesn't like certain colour modes of images. although i've never actually experienced it.to find the colour modes (RGB, CMYK, ETC.) the menu with file edit image, look in image>mode> there should be a list of different colour modes - Bitmap, Greyscale, Duotone, indexed color, RGB color, CMYK color, Lab color, monochrome. try setting it RGB, if not then one of the others. be wary of image optimisation and stuffz though
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