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  1. Hmmm, at first I assumed that you were referring to the "favicon" ... would you mind clarifying your intents ?You mean an image in the website itself, or an image in the url/address bar (usually a company logo/etc)?
  2. You guys disappoint me.VIM is available in *all* environments (both cli version and the G version), supports *any* ascii filetype there is, as well having the most syntax highlighting files of any editor out there currently.For those of you who love text editing, but want pure power, get GVIM, and run through the tutorial, read up on the scheme's option... give it 1 week... if you dont love it, youre nuts!http://www.vim.orgSeriously, more of you need to check programs out before you try to judge them, I have literally tried almost every one of the programs on this list. As far as the full blo
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