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  1. hmm aspnetguy,okey but its not working perfectly. if i put max length of 1000 chars in javascript and width of text box as 50 chars now i put a word with 51 chars then it will show the horizontal scroll.any guess ?
  2. Please look at http://xma.no/tinymce-editor-textarea2.gifThis will not happend? no scroll bars will appear? I dont need any scroll bar.how to do.
  3. yeh many times it doesnt work to put only favicon in root dir.but is there anyway to put the link of favicon in external css file.
  4. i was wondering how to put the link of favicon in css file. i know i can do it in html file but i want to know how to do it in css file.thanks
  5. everything is fine for me atlest.check it again
  6. Can anyone help me with this menu.can anyone make it for me.I can make a dropdown menu. but i am not able to make it drop when i click on the button. i usually do it with on mouse over but i need it to be click drop down.can anyone help..here is what i need.BTW i can post the code for mouse over drop down menu but is it very standard and you can find it anywhere. so i will post it if anyone need it.Thanks in Advance.
  7. i think its working.. ^^
  8. rlmEEna

    XHTML or CSS?

    i think you should go for CSS. but have a look to xhtml when you have some time.. it will took 1 or may be 2 hour. it will help you,
  9. wow thanks a lot mate.. it solved my problem,i can edit it.. i know CSS but i am not as good as you are. :)thanks again
  10. i want to make a table like structure in CSS. can anyone help me out.i want to make a table in CSS with 3 rows in which middle row has 3 columns. like this one. i dont want to use tables due to some problems, so i want to do it in CSS. can any one make a CSS and HTML for me for this work..thanks a lot.
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