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    World Database

    Hi!I was wondering if there is such a free 'world database' that consists of countries, cities, zip, etc for the entire planet???And if there is how would I import such a vary large file (coz im sure it will be) into my database?Thanks heaps!
  2. Thanks! do you have recommendation as to which one is better if not best? Theres gazillion apps out there looking for the most effective and easy to integrate ??personal suggestions?
  3. yes, i want to integrate it in such a way that this video/audio software can use mysql database, and yes put it on a webpage. perhaps a good java-based or flashed based video chat software?
  4. hi folks!is there a good video/audio chat software u can recommend out there? One that does not require complex integration with php? Thanks
  5. It worked like a charm!Thanks so much man! really appreciate it. Seems there really is an issue with urls without the '/' sign when using htaccess, thats why it won't recognize paths without the preceeding '/'.Problem solved! Thanks again Gurus!
  6. Thanks for replying guys!I normally use relative paths for all links inside my pages. however, since i used htaccess to rewrite urls, my images does not load up. But if I change my relative paths to absolute it loads up! And changing my domain will really be a problem if i use absolute paths...how come that when i rewrite my urls, relative paths does not work anymore? or am i doing something wrong?
  7. Hi!I've been using htaccess to rewrite my urls and hide the actual filenames of my site on the address bar. However, say, within my PHP files or html files all references are absolute, example in the image tag:<img src="http://www.mysite.com/images/image1.jpg" />this would make it load longer right?are there any recommendations?thanks so much guys!
  8. How can i record sound using WMP 11?Cheers everyone!
  9. thanks much for the enlightenment i appreciate it. my last question would be why does, on the same scenario, the email is sent to the same recepient? I mean, using other website i can send an email to agentx@encoredigital.com?? (Is it probably they are using DOT NET rather than PHP to send emails to?)
  10. does anybody know about how to make mail() in PHP work for an email address configured as an alias on GMAIL ???my emails do not get sent when sending to an email alias! HELP badly needed.here is a snippet: $emailmsg = 'test'; $recepient = 'agentx@encoredigital.com'; $sendmail = mail($recepient, 'Welcome to My Own Company', $emailmsg, "To: $fname $lname\r\n" . "From: admin@myowncompany.com\r\n" . "Reply-To: admin@myowncompany.com\r\n". "MIME-Version: 1.0\r\n" . "Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" );**the recepeint as agentx@encoredigital.com is actually an email alias of my gmail account. there is no problem receiving emails directly from yahoo or other email service providers, hence, it does get sent to agentx@encoredigital.com the only problem is when running this code the I dont receive the email ever!! been trying this for a week now.......
  11. hi!good day to all!i just want to ask about the mail function in php it does not give me the correct sender address when looking at my email that was sent. the 'mailed-by: ' from my gmail account shows a weird sender address: myname@jove.webserversystems.com (in this case, i need to make jove.webserversystems.com into something more relevant coz apparently its not the name of our company).i have done a research initially about this and seems that i need the -f option from the 5th parameter of the mail() function like this:mail('jologs@gmail.com', 'Your registration confirmation form from www.bibiz.com', $emailmsg, "from: bibiz\n" . "Reply-To: pinoyagents". "MIME-Version: 1.0 \n" . "Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1", "-fbibiz@bibiz.com");any thoughts is simply a great help!
  12. Hi All! I have a PHP script to upload a file (its sure working coz i was able to upload it to the server so i wont show it here to shorten this post) and a PHP script to download a file (see below). Now, when uploading the file there is no problem both for .doc file and a .docx file. The problem begins when i try to downoad the files using a PHP download script. Here are the codes ive been telling you for your reference:HERES the DOWNLOAD SCRIPT (filedownloadscript.php) :(okay, dont worry about security issues, even with this simple script there is a problem so lets be basic first) <? header('Content-type: application/msword'); header('Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="filedownloaded.doc"'); header("Location: http://www.mywebsite.com/members/mswordfil...ded.doc"); ?>*either files (.doc or .docx are converted to .doc to the server as per my php upload script) i tried to upload it using .docx to the server still no good.*you type this download script file in the url (http://mywebsite.com/members/filetodownload.doc) and an open/save dialog box appears(horray!) but when you either open or save the file using MS Word 2007 application it gives me this crap error: "Word experienced in trying to open the file. Try these suggestions: *check the file permission for the document or drive *make sure there is sufficient free memory and disk space *open the file with the textrecovery converter. (C:DOCUME~1\JOHN\...\file.doc)"and a button 'show help >>' that gives me another set of craps and an OK button (finally) that doesnt help at all!im trap//i have Office 2007 installed//when i tried to download the same file using MS Word 2003 (from another PC ofcourse) it was okay i was able to open it using MS Word 2003i dont understand whats going on, im fairly new to php much more with the uploading partAny HELP would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Yo guys!how do we scan a file being uploaded by a user to our server to block viruses?someone knows how to do this?server: linux
  14. i wish i could show u an image but i dont have a live link to that and this rich-text editor does not allow me to upload images either.-and its not the iframe itself that I'm referring to. -if you can imagine an MS Word document, paste a jpg image directly to it, click it and you'll see what I am referring to. small-white boxes surrounding the jpg image are what you call resizing handles. and it appears inside the iframe (or div) element.-therefore the text is treated like an image within an iframe (but you can actually edit the text)
  15. Hi Guys! I got some problem with the iframe (for firefox use) and the div (for IE use), here is the portion of the code:<DIV ID="msg" CONTENTEDITABLE><? echo $fbody?></DIV>---------and here is for mozilla browser------------ <iframe name="msg" id='msg' src="<? echo $srcdoc?>"></iframe>what you would notice is a very straightforward approach to showing contents of html files (echo $fbody above) and the source file ($srcdoc for iframes), if I run the script containing these portion of code the html contents of those files shows up fine the only problem is that I can see the text enclosed in a resizing box, so you could literally resize that block of text within the IFRAME or within the DIV elements... its annoying and i definitely would need to remove it from within both tag elementsanyone knows why is this happening?
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