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  1. Hello,I had a page that displays information from the database, I need also this page to display all information from other table (called it X)I just need to display name from table X and checkbox near it.But I need to display them in a nice format (table with scrol maybe), cause that table may increase in terms of its data.Any help is much appreciated.Thanks

  2. Hello ,I need help with this issue:I had a table called products and a table called vendorsI made a page to create a new vendor, I need to edit it to make the ability to add no of products associated to that vendor.Any help?Thanks in advance

  3. Hello,I am developing a php page connected to mysql tables.Well, I had more than field, (2 drop down, 3 input box & a checkbox), my issue is:When I select from the first drop down box (data is being get from mysql table), the second drop down list will get value from another table based on the first drop down list, then I select from the second drop down list, the other fields will get values accordingly from other tables also..Thanks for any support

  4. i am not sure..search enguine for what?...are you looking for searchin your php files located at your filesystem..or any other? (eg like searching in db)
    well, I had a website built using php files, and I need some sort of searching using php ( I don't have a database).
  5. Hello all,I am trying to design a new sql database with the following requirements: I had items like Pants, T-shirts, Polo (2 kinds) , their status : New or Used , Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL , amountBelt, Hat: don't had sizes, only had Status & amountAlso, I need to record when a pant with size S had been submitted to someone (some person, don't needed to be recorded individually as a table) & when, for example, a Polo with size L had been returned..Any help is appreciated!Thanks in advance

  6. Hello,I am creating html form in which user fills in data, the user will also insert date, then on another page the user will read the same date in the same format.I need help how to put like calendar (which is easy to select from), then when I echo that field from the database, it will display the date that he/she selects.Thanks in advance

  7. Hello, I had build a form using php, htmlwell, the user can select the zone (country), & in according he can select the area he is located in...For example, he can select USA, then chose Californiaor he can select Canada , then chose Montreal........etc...etc....Any further ideas to design database? & the form (maybe with Javascript)thanks

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