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  1. Hello, I had a form, with simple text box in which user enter his name, there is a drop down box for users to select his major, once he/she clicks his major, I need to show x number of forms controls (text box, drop down, check box...). Once he select another choice, I need to clear previous forms (clear it from data if they already saved).Any help??Thanks

  2. Hello,I am developing a webpage, that reads the most recent projects from mysql table, and I need help on this:When the page loads (home page), the 5 top project's pics had to be loaded from the database. I need to show one each 3 seconds (like a flash one).But the most important, is that pics had to be loaded when pages load, so that user wants wait until first pic finish loading, then second....Any help?Thanks

  3. Hello,Attached is a menu that I had created.At the end, there is + sign, in which when I click on it, it will reveal the rest of the menu .Attached is a pic that explain more.menu.jpgThanks in advance

  4. HelloI had a small phone book app, I had tables with 4 fields (ID, First Name, LaSt Name, Phone Number),and I had excel file which have 3 fields also, First Name, Last Name, phone Number)there are around 7000 records, how can I import the excel file to the database ( I am using WAMP).Thanks in advance

  5. There is no option in any language to change your main domain (sub.site.com) due to security reasons. However, if you mean shortening the URL from 'sub.site.com/page1/page1.1/......' to 'sub.site.com', there are multiple way's in almost any language:If you have complete control over the domain (this means in this case that you can acces a file called: sub.site.com/index.php or index.html) you can do the following in the index.html or index.php (whatever your main file is) with java script:
    <script type="text/javascript"><!–window.location = "http://sub.site.com/page1/page1.1/......";//–></script>

    above will output the page with the long link but it shows sub.site.com as urlOr do it in php: (witch is better in my opinion)


    A simpel, but old and in-efficiënt method is Iframe in html:

    <iframe src='page1/page1.1/.....' />

    I hope this solved your problem?Okok, there is actually a way to fake an URL from the web but this is called hacking or abusing so it is against the law

    how can I implement this?
  6. well, i Had finished the section where I can upload files to directories & to database;2 questions now:1- I had made the file to be uploaded to the folder & insert its info. into database, should I insert it into database also (the file itself)?2- I had made a page to allow users to view list of files, I want to let the users to sort via file types, & no of rows per page!Any Suggestion!Thx

  7. Hello all,First of all, sorry for posting it here, cause I am not being able to start a new topic in the php section!Well, I am newbie in php & building small web applications; I need you to guide me in my project:I want to create a web-based application that will allow admin & special users to upload JPGS, Gif, Zip, rar & pdf.Is there anyway that I can allow users to only upload these kind of files.Then allow front-end users (registered users) to download the files, when they click on the file, they are prompted to download the file.And guests to view only the filenames. (so there must be sessions & cookies for user login)Any guide is appreciated!Thanks

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