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  1. I need to have my template's image onmouseovere'd. Code: <!--forum template--><html><head><!--CSS content--><style type="text/css">body{background-color: #000000;}h1 {color: chartreuse}h2 {color: white}h3 {color: white}h4 {color: white}h5 {color: white}h6 {color: white}div.class4{border-style: inset;border-bottom-color: #9900CC;border-top-color: #9900CC;width: 100%;}</style><!-- End CSS content--></head><body><p> <!--banner--> <img border="2" onmouseover="width="103%"" src="http://i125.photobucket.com/albums/p42/hns_marcon
  2. You should post this in the Javascript forum The url was: http://www.w3schools.com/js/tryit.asp?file...s_openallwindowWhen I tried to edit the "width" and the "height", I clicked on the popup again and the size didn't change.
  3. I made a new template . . . the code goes here . . . <html><head><style type="text/css">body{background-image: url('http://i125.photobucket.com/albums/p42/hns_marcon/17.jpg');background-repeat: no-repeat;background-attachment: fixed}a.one:link {color: blue; text-decoration: none}a.one:visited {color: violet; text-decoration: none}a.one:hover {background: 931423;; text-decoration: underline}a.one:active {color: #00FF00}</style><title></title></head><body><font face="verdana" size="7" color="#00FF00"> <b> <a name="1">Page titl
  4. If you are brainstorming to php, you can usually go there because there are PHP experts in that site.
  5. Sub is A vb property. Do not use this in JS.
  6. I am trying to do the Onclickselfclose in a button . . . code goes here <form><input type="button" value="close" onClick"self.close()"></form> And with difficulties . . .
  7. Sometimes it's not like that. It even loses the asp of the inputs. ASP is not usually used . . .
  8. I want PHP masters to have their own site. Usually, here's a site for a PHP forum****http://cutephp.com/forums****
  9. Should we use this for making a video? <object><param name="movie" value="video.wmp"></param><object>
  10. What we like . . . is of course . . . THOSE ONES WITH HTML EDITORS Everyone likes html editors because it supports some things that they don't know that we don't . . . Example isDreamweaverDreamweaver shows the generated html editor (Not read-only, w/ edit 2!) and it has some things that windows doesn't know, and so we are up for browsers with HTML editors
  11. I want to erase the position-absolute at CSS because it is helpless. Instead, I suggested a code. . . Uses the div tag still . . .(A text): (Neither be CSS or HTML) <div horizontal-align="25px left"></div> If you wanted to have a text diagonal, this is my suggestion: <div align="diagonal; 34px left;"></div> If you wanted to make your page up-to-down words, my suggestion is: <bdo dir="up-to-down"></bdo> Javascript aligns: (note: these are in the body tags) <script language="javascript"><!-- text-align: centerdocument.write("bla-bla-bla")//--&
  12. Are VBscripts used for making softwares? No browsers are usually using VBscript in websites.
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