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  1. It's OK I found it... It was a syntax error. I should remove the semicolon from while(pcount<20;) to while(pcount<20).
  2. Into a php page I have 20 text boxes. I want to make a button, using javascript, and when user clicks on it the rest 19 text boxes to take 1st text box's text. I have done something like this but it isn't working... Any idea??? function Throw_PhotoStuff(){var pcount=1; while(pcount<20;){document.getElementById('photo_'+pcount).value = document.getElementById('photo_1').value; pcount++;}} Thank you for your precius time!!!
  3. Hello everyone!!! I have install a joomla plugin by the name AllVideos Plugin. All I have to do is to put some tags like this {youtube}h2TLC0zGwKE{/youtube} somewhere in to my site and my video shows up!!! In this point I need your help... In to my php code I have add a hidden textbox that holds video's source and a div that will show video when I click on an image using javascript.Part of PHP code <input id="video_url" name="video_url" type="hidden" value="" /><div id="video"></div> Part of JAVASCRIPT code var Open = String.fromCharCode(123,121,111,117,116,117,98,101,125); // {youtube}var Close = String.fromCharCode(123,47,121,111,117,116,117,98,101,125); // {/youtube}var video = document.getElementById("video");var video_url = document.getElementById("video_url");...video.innerHTML = Open+video_url.value+Close; The problem is that youtube tags appear just as plain text! Take a look at this image: Any idea how I will make it work??? Thank you in advance!!!
  4. My friend justsomeguy it is working!!! xDYou are the best!!! :good:Thank you all for your answers!!!
  5. Hello guys!!! I think I need some help here... I have make a database query and some variables that take values from this query. Variables look like this... $photo_1 = $photos_itemrow->photo_1;$photo_2 = $photos_itemrow->photo_2;$photo_3 = $photos_itemrow->photo_3;$photo_4 = $photos_itemrow->photo_4;$photo_5 = $photos_itemrow->photo_5; What I want to do is to make this variables using WHILE for example. Something like this... $count=1; while ($count <= 5){${'photo_'.$count} = ${'photos_itemrow->photo_'.$count};$count++;} Or like this... $count=1; while ($count <= 5){${'photos_itemrow->photo_'.$count};$count++;} But none of those two way is working!!! Does anybody have any idea how to do this???Thank you in advance!!!
  6. My friend "Deirdre's Dad" thank you very much for your help!!! You are right... I just removed the second part of IF and it works fine!!! :DMy friend "thescientist" thank you too for your answer!!!
  7. Hello guys!!! :DI think I need your help here... I have made this JS code below in to my site and I have a problem. When I click on maximize icon, first time doesn't work and it works on second click!!! Does anybody knows what am I doing wrong???FIDDLE EXAMPLE: HERE CODE EXAMPLE: function Images_MaxMin(){ var div_1 = document.getElementById("image_max");var div_2 = document.getElementById("image_min");var big_img = document.getElementById("big_image");var img_url = document.getElementById("img_url"); if (div_1.style.display == 'block' || div_1.style.display == '') {div_1.style.display = 'none'; big_img.src = ''; div_2.style.display = 'block';}else {div_1.style.display = 'block'; big_img.src = img_url.value; div_2.style.display = 'none';}} Thank you in advance!!!
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