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  1. I use Taco HTML Edithttp://tacosw.com
  2. I'm on a mac and it just forwarded me to adultfriendfinder. Woot for no active-x.
  3. Hello,I seem to be having some trouble with my VBScripts. It's not just mine. The problem persists even when viewing the example scripts on the W3 Schools main website. And as well as this, the scripts do not work in my live preview editor. I've tried all the browsers I own (Firefox, Opera, Camino, and Safari), and yet still no luck. The problem is this: document.write() doesn't work. I cannot know if the rest works because it will not write anything. Apon viewing the source, it shows the VBScript in the <script type="text/VBScript"></script>. I cannot figure out what the problem i
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