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  1. Hi All, Im trying to use the following code as a preloader but it's not working as desired, essentially it's just running the whole script at once, before th epage as even loaded.... any idea? $(document).ready(function() { //DO THIS ONCE THE DOM HAS LOADED, BUT BEFORE THE PAGE HAS FULLY LOADED $(window).load(function() { //DO THIS ONCE THE ENTIRE PAGE AND CONTENT HAS LOADED }); }); Im sure it's me being stupid, but I cant see what I'm doing wrong... ThanksJames
  2. I wonder if anyone can help at all? I'm after an event handler for on text change for JavaScript, I know that onchange has been used but its not consistent across platforms, some browsers treat it as changed focus etc. Does anyone know how this is effectively done? Similar to Googles advanced search etc.. Thanks Guys James
  3. Yes, that was my understanding, until I started looking at objects in JavaScript and it threw me right off. Haha, Ok that's fine I understand the theory of it again now thank you. The funny thing is, I know how to create an object is javascript, eg using the new keyword and also the value pairs inside the {} braces, but I just couldn't understand the difference, which made me start to doubt my understanding. Thanks dude*edit* The difference between JS and other languages I mean...
  4. Hi everyone, this has the potential of being a stupid question... so I apologise in advance.. I haven't done a lot of OO programming, I understand objects etc. However I dont quite understand, is a class a set of instructions for an object? and if no, does JavaScript use the prototype option instead of classes? Like a said, might be being a little dumb... can any explain in general how objects, classes, prototypes link together? Not sure if its made matters worse by reading C++ and JavaScript books at the same time? Are they fundamentally the same? Thanks Guys James
  5. Sorry for the delay, Thanks for the tips guys! James
  6. alvo

    HTML form?

    The only real way to learn any language is to get stuck in, for every 50 mistakes you make, you'll have one moment of success! Slowly you learn the language by trial and error.
  7. alvo

    HTML form?

    Eureka!!! Books are priceless sources of info!
  8. Hello Everyone, I was just ondering if anyone had any tips for the best way to approach a login system using an sql database that is secure from say injection or malicous entry etc? Thanks All James
  9. A script to do what exactly? James
  10. I assume you mean <map> ? I could attempt to explain, however I think w3schools has already done a better job than I would: "The <map> tag is used to define a client-side image-map. An image-map is an image with clickable areas.The name attribute of the <map> element is required and it is associated with the <img>'s usemap attribute and creates a relationship between the image and the map.The <map> element contains a number of <area> elements, that defines the clickable areas in the image map." You can read more here: http://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_map.asp James
  11. I may be wrong here, but I would suggest nesting all of your links inside a list (<ul></ul>). I would use ID selectors to define differences between the horizontal and vertical navigation, and all of the generic properties for each link can be defined using classes? ( eg .navigationLinks a {color:#ffffff;} ) I would avoid using selectors for href's and where possible use the full address to elements, eg. #navigationHorizontalBar ul li a {} Thoughts anyone?? James
  12. alvo

    Table of database?

    .... Excuses excuses...
  13. Is it just me? You're obviously attempting to learn web design / development, and your very early on in the learning process. You appear to be struggling with rather basic concepts such as CSS page layout and color schemes etc. I would just suggest that you buy a few books, read through them, take your time. It seems very optimistic that you are going to make a business out of your current understandings as of yet. For example.. if I say to you "I'm a company, I want a site building for me, with a secure login, for my users" Would you be prepared to construct a script from scratch, taking into account security issues such as SQL injection? Information security risks that you may be liable for? Just a thought... James
  14. Thanks mate! Yeah the navigation is stilla work in progress! I wasn't aware there was a problem with some of the images though so thanks a lot for letting me know! That's another thing for the to do list haha! Thanks for taking the time, I really do appreciate it! James
  15. Sorry for the delay I really appreciate you taking the time to give your opinion, I completely agreed with your points so I have completely redesigned the site. If anyone gets a chance to look at the new site and give a new opinion i would be very grateful indeed.Thanks again!James
  16. Hi All, http://alvostudios.co.uk/onlinebargainz/index.php Just wondering if I could ask a big favour, and see if anyone out there was willing to share some critism with my website? This is just a hobby for me really, nothing too serious. Oh, and please don't worry too much about content and most of this is merely mock up at the moment. Thanks all, and please be kind!! James
  17. Ahh, nice one, thank you very much! James
  18. Ahh, and this will inherit the height of the largest nested div etc? James
  19. Hi Everyone! This is my first post, so just wanted to say a quick hello as well. Im fairly novice with Web Development, it's basically a hobby and nothing more. Although I have a good understanding of many languages etc, I am self taught, so no doubt, I have picked up a lot of bad habits and practices. So the reason I have joined is to try and move into a more intermediate level. I live in the UK, just outside of Birmingham. Im 23, my real name is James. Hopefully that should be a little introduction without boring people too much. My question!! Im currently struggling with displaying elements inline, for instance creating two inline divs etc. I have tried using the float technique which, if using a wrapper, it is hard to control the height of the wrapper dependant on the contents of the div (does that make any sense?). I have also tried using the display:inline; css option, but as I'm sure many are aware this doesn't seem to work very well with older IE browsers (shame because I really like it). Currently the only option I can see that would work well on all browsers is using a table... Eek! I know... Bit a long post I know, but thanks for your help in advance!James
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