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  1. Thank you both very much for the feedback. Angelica: Thank you, awesome critiques there! I've been wondering if the front page was too busy (however, my colleague thinks we need MORE content, oy); I'll work on removing/toning down some of the clutter. Also, I understand what you're saying about making it seem "happening". I'll get to work on that. DDs1: Yeah, I'm planning on removing some of the menus for the pages that don't get any use at the moment.
  2. tnd1000


    Apologies for taking so long to reply, Don. Haven't been able to get back here for a while. We knew they were Chinese by the fact that there was a great deal of Chinese coding and lettering on our front page.
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    dsones: Thank you very much, I'll check to see if they do backups. niche: Apparently this is a fairly common "hack" with SocialEngine. -__- Seems to be a common vulnerability issue with the software.
  4. tnd1000


    I wrote portions of it, but a lot of it is pre-packaged code that came with the software,
  5. At the request of one of my members, I've changed the look of MPOP. Since the critiques last time mostly centered around the dullness/darkness of the site, I've decided to post version 2.0 for critiques. Honest opinions are always appreciated! And, as before, I know that the site isn't particularly sound as far as the code goes; a lot of that is due to the software I'm using (SocialEngine) which makes it impossible for me to ever validate my site. It was a lesson learned, so now I'm stuck with what I've got. Anyways, honest feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks. http://www.mypetsonparade.com
  6. Ahhh, see, I did not know that about ems. I shall edit accordingly, and see if that fixes the problem.
  7. I'm still in the process of going through them (there's a lot of stuff to look at). Thank you very much for your help here!
  8. I'm using Firefox, and the software is called SocialEngine.
  9. Thank you very much for the reply! Well...because of the software I'm using, it's a bit complicated to post all of the HTML and CSS, unfortunately. If you'd like, here's a link to the site: www.mypetsonparade.com The styling on the .gif image: #alert { width:30px; border-radius:3em;} I'll go through and check my stylesheets for the size values.
  10. I feel rather stupid for even asking about this, since I feel like I show know the fix, but it's just not coming to me and I'm not sure where else to look for answers. I have been trying to position a .gif on my site's global header, but whenever I change the zoom setting on my browser, the image moves with it (as opposed to staying where I positioned it). Since I was just complaining about a site's header having an image like this today, I would like fix it if I can. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Here's the CSS for the .gif so far: img#alert { width: 30px; border-radius: 3em;}
  11. Would you mind being a little more specific? How is the homepage a 'mess'? If I knew the specifics, I would know what to improve on. EDIT: I saw the haphazardly-arranged images just now, and fixed it. That was from a recent change to the CSS. I never said that I was a skilled web designer; this is my first project. Also, the site was originally designed on paper. My clients and I also designed a few mock-ups when we were first getting started on it.
  12. Well, we'd love to get some pointers from an expert (such as yourself). Thus far, monetizing this site hasn't been the highest on our list of priorities, but it is time to start getting serious about it. Any suggestions?
  13. Do you have a specific color in mind? And I'm not sure what you mean--the pet pictures are linked from pet albums (using img src, of course) and the 'no image' pictures are from an administrator file manager, so I suppose that counts as pulling from a database. Well, first off, The Market is primarily for our users to sell items. The unifying idea is that there will be very few restrictions. People can advertise whatever they want, and post as many ads as they like. When we do begin to charge for posting a classified ad, our fees will be very low in comparison to many places. Just out of curiosity, have you looked at the site?
  14. The Market, after December 31 of this year. We'll start charging a small fee to advertise certain items. We want to make sure that we have a decent member-base so that the ads will have a decent audience.
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