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    Replacing a Website

    Nope, it's a free google tool...I thought it was pretty much standard practice to use them :S
  2. minty

    Replacing a Website

    webmaster and analytics.... why do you ask?
  3. Hi Everyone, I have been designing a new website for my company and will soon be ready to upload it to replace the existing one, I have never "replaced" a website before are there any common mistakes that people make? My old website didnt rank very well, but it still ranked a little, am I going to completely loose any previous ranking with google? Also how should i go about replacing the whole thing? Just delete the old pages and documents and upload the new ones? Any pointers will be greatly appreciated. thanks.
  4. minty

    Quick SEO question

    Im just going over the content on my website I was wondering about internal links in page content. For example if your on a product page, and it has a relation to another product that you mention is it a good idea to make the keyword relating to the product a link to its page? and can you go over the top with it and hurt seo? Many products my company sells have connections to each other, so I could end up with a fair few links to procuct pages in descriptions.... not sure if i have made any sense at all
  5. I really like the design. The only thing I would add is probably my "personal preference" but in the footer where you have "new news" I would put "latest news" if that is what you intend, just rolls of the tounge better , well at least it does with my accent
  6. minty

    Can I do this with CSS

    Hi all, I have a basic accordion style dropdown left navigation. I want the "parent" catagories to have the cursor change to the "hand" icon, like it does when you hover over a link. How would this be possible? I can't make the Parent catagories null links because the page jumps to the top whenever you click which isn't very user friendly. I just wondered if there was a simple CSS rule i could apply to them, I could fix my problem by changing the javascript and html a little but that messes other css rules up and Im not too experienced with javascript. Hope someone can help Thanks a lot.
  7. minty


    How does igoogle work? Like the personal homepage bit. Is it a highly complex website that would take lots of developers? would it be hard to create a website for people to sign up to and create their own hompage, with "gadgets" as google calls them? thanks
  8. I post this question here as i think php is the way this would work? I could be completely wrong, sorry if that is the case. Im not after the exact script or anything (yet ) If i want my website to link to others such as Google/twitter/facebook can i make it so my website uses there favicon in 64x64 if they have it. And just a gereral logo if not. just to clarify i dont want to link to any of my profiles, just to the websites homepage. hmm, hope this makes sense. I may be over complicating things. Help is very much appreciated, complete novice here.
  9. minty

    What should I learn?

    thanks everyone for your replies. This makes sense thanks! I'll get learning and experimenting! Thanks all again, consider this question answered
  10. I also heard flash is dead, but there will still be a way to implement it with html5 or convert or something.interesting article on flash http://www.killersites.com/blog/2011/adobe-officially-kills-flash/Flash is discontinued after cs6?
  11. minty

    What should I learn?

    I see your point, I like that dreamweaver shows the results as your write, being a complete novice. Looking at those you mentioned i think maybe they would be more suitable at a higher level...at the same time, maybe dreamweaver could give you bad habbits. As long as i learn the right languages i think what you use will come down to trial and error. some of those programmes you suggested look like something i should look at when i learn php for sure.
  12. minty

    What should I learn?

    why so?I thought dreamweaver is essentially just a text editor? with a few tools to aid?
  13. minty

    What should I learn?

    thanks, i think that order sounds logical too anyone able to help me on the second bit of my question? thanks!
  14. Hi all, I will be doing a html/css course this month, and photoshop to compliment it. The purpose is so I can manage the website of the company I work for and hopefully give it a good revamp. For that purpose I think the html/css will be fine, and they'll show me how to use dreamweaver to take advantage of it. I have ideas for websites of my own, and would like to know what I should invest my time in learning. I want to create quite dynamic sites and from looking on this website (which has to be the best resource I've found for newbies) I think I should learn the following:1.html/css2. Javascript3.Jquery4.php/mysql If you think I should learn other languages/scripts please advise... Now, one of the ideas i have will have the need for users to sign up/create a profile I suppose. Will the above skills be sufficient?Also, how does the whole unique user page thing work? where they can customize what they see? Im not sure I am explaining it very well, think like how google hompage had that page where you could add weather and things and you could choose what was there... let me know if ive confused you on this and ill try and approach from a diffierent angle look forward to any responses. Thanks!
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