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  1. I'd put the UL in one of the OL's list tags, but other than that it works.
  2. OR just do what foxy said... give the css the php ending and give it a header that says it is css.
  3. First Quote is you saying you don't want to program because you want money. Second comment is saying you are doing programming just for the money, and would rather do the transportation business.Third Quote is you assuming you know more about how "fun" programming is. I work with it, it is my full time job, it is just as fun to work with it when you have a goal to work towards. Some times more fun because you know what you are trying to make.
  4. You are being very contradictory right now... You said before you don't want to program because you want money.Now you are saying you want to program because you like it? I am really confused what your problem is... Just find what you like and do it.
  5. A must? I don't understand...Programming is a language.It is a puzzle that has several different solutions, but, several different "busts".Programming is not an easy road to go down. So if you want a job with it you have to understand that and accept it.But I still don't understand what you meant when you said you want to make money... You can make good money programming.
  6. I guess I don't understand this as a reasoning...You said you enjoy programming, so why not pursue it as a job?If you love what you do, you don't work a day in your life. Also, Computer Science majors (programmers) make on average close to six figures... that's a lot. But I do agree, try to step away from the computer in stressful moments. Go for a walk, jog, or just enjoy the fresh air. Ideas will come faster that way then stressing over an LCD screen.
  7. Things that I noticed within 5 seconds: The Navigation Bar's Font is VERY hard to read. There is no contrast for the font to stand out and be easily read. The background's gradient is way to harsh, going from pure white to pure blank is a general no-no. "Reloads" at the time is spelled wrong. Personally, I think you could do a much, much better design. Don't let this be your design. Work harder, and design a much more eye pleasing design. It will take time, but I am sure you could do it! All my opinions but I do feel you could make a MUCH better design if you take the time.
  8. Not true at all...With WordPress just make your site in HTML and CSS, transfer over the WordPress php lines of code that bring in the page content and done.WordPress is not just a blog, it is very easy to make a site out of it with dynamic pages, not blog posts.Http://www.howtomarketyourownwebsite.com (terrible design) But that website is all WordPress. Georgia Tech's website is 100% wordpress...http://www.gatech.edu/ Point being, everything you've laid out for us can easily be done in WordPress.
  9. I am wondering the same question Niche asked?... What are you wanting a content manager to do? Because I work with WordPress and it is far from being called "limited". Edit (About CSS): Working with the CSS in WordPress is not a daunting task either... If you know HTML and CSS well enough it is fairly easy to figure out what CSS class goes where and it is really easy just to open the Dev Console to figure out what is effect what as well.
  10. It does look better! Good job
  11. Maybe, I think you should just make it so when a link in the nav is hovered over the text color changes, not the background-color.As for the layout of the home page, just add more spacing, maybe 2 sections per row. Like Sponsorship and Scholarships on one row, then push the other two to a new row below.
  12. 1) You are centering it the hard way! Haha, try this: #nav{float:left;height:35px;width:100%;background-color:#06F;} #nav ul{width: 600px;margin: 0px auto;color:#FFF;}#nav li{float: left;width: 150px;font-size:16px;padding: 0 0 0 0px;text-align: center;} Then change your HTML nav code to this: <ul><li><a href=" " title=" "></a>home</li><li><a href=" " title=" "></a>services</li><li><a href=" " title=" "></a>prices</li><li><a href=" " title=" "></a>contact</li><div style="clear:both;"&
  13. Hey Baragan! Here are a few suggestions from me. The Navigation Seems very odd how there is about 50px of space to the left and a huge chuck of space to the right. Just not balanced well. The hover effect isn't elegant enough. May sound weird, but the background color change just doesn't fit, nor look that professional. Layout/Template I actually like the template of the content pages. (About, Contact, Testimonial, etc.) However, I do not like the home page. Very block-y, not spaced out, seems really crammed. The testimonial pages yellow background color is very hash on the eyes, really brig
  14. Uploaded on the internet so we can view it like a regular website. So we can actually find faults/bugs/issues. Because we are lazy and don't want to read line by line of code if it is perfect. I'd rather test, find an imperfection, look in the code at the specific point, then read.
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