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  1. Hi everyone. Its been loooong since i have been around and i thought i would be wise to reintroduce myself. as i can see nothing much changed with some of my friends having the same profile picture i left them with. i hope the same for goes for web codes since i only remember the basics. anyways pleasure to be in this community again and will be looking forward to our constructive interactions. BANZAi
  2. thanks for the advice. i have made the changes and i think it has improved
  3. Thanks alot for the critique. I am correcting the site right now and i'll update in a few. The bg color you are talking about is the links'(home. About us etc) right? I have been having an akward feeling about the home page lol now i know why any suggestions on the home page arrangment. Regarding the links if i make the left and the right margin equal will it do the trick? Thanks
  4. hello i am still a novice web designer and I'll gladly appreciate all the positive criticism so that i can grow in terms of how i design my future sites. thanks site link: http://www.headstartafricafoundation.orgSite content : African scholarships
  5. am i going to need to learn about mod rewrite or rather apache or any other servers in my career as a web designer or can i do without them all together
  6. men and here i am thinking that i am almost there. web design is freaking wide but without a doubt one day i'll reach there.btw deos it really improve the response time or the overall functionality of their site by using mod rewrite?
  7. so for a search function i have to use both?
  8. i was browsing dailymail.co.uk which has alot of info only to realise all their pages are in html. how are they able to feed such a website tons of info without it being dynamic. because i thought for such big informative sites normally the pages are either in php, jsp or asp.
  9. i wanted to ask the same too thanks abragj for asking first if i may ask justsomeguy, i was thinking about searching the whole be it articles database using the mysql LIKE comparison then returning the results, is there any other better way? i have heard about the FULLTEXT search but i have not yet read about it thoroughly to understand what it was talking about. thanks
  10. baragan

    new pc spec

    Toshiba recently decided to do away with normal hd and stick with ssd in their top teir comps but the problem is its only 128 gb though they say the difference between the two hardisks is like a b/w tv and a colored one. I'd advice you to take intel processor other than amd one.
  11. Hello every one. I bet theres no one here who isn't facinated by tech or gizmos like the latest acer ultrabook. So please share what is facinating in tech world
  12. Thanks darkx it worked though i had to use an if else statement to check the url then click the link with the corresponding id. Initialy i had it click the first link when the page loads. Now i have a very small issue with my method. Lets say the url is info.html#panel2, the page jumps to that id immidiately. Is there a way i can have it open the page normaly and that panel without necessarily jumping to that id?
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