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  1. The problem is that xp does not have choice as one of it commands, you have to use the set command with the /p extension. Here's the corrected code @echo offECHO 1. Learn More...ECHO 2. Go to Internet. (default)ECHO 3. Version.ECHO 4. Quit.SET /P PUT_VARIABLE_HERE=IF %PUT_VARIABLE_HERE%==1 GOTO LEARNIF %PUT_VARIABLE_HERE%==2 GOTO RUN_INTIF %PUT_VARIABLE_HERE%==3 GOTO VERif %PUT_VARIABLE_HERE%==4 GOTO QUIT_MENU:LEARNECHO Websense Co. MS-DOS Parental ControlECHO UK EditionECHO To uninstall please contact administrator:RUN_INTSTART /MAX iexplore:VERECHO Version 3.12 - Updated on 09/03/0
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