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    PHP URL Question

    There are a number of similar topics regarding this question, but I didn't want to 'thread-jack' so I decided to make a new topic. Here is one such similar topic. Anway I wanted to access a database which I have already created using http://www.site.com/item.php?itemid=*number*.In this I want to be able to access hundreds of different items. Do I need to manually type out each one or is there some way to do it automatically?It would be helpful if anyone could answer this question, but if not I will probably work it out eventually
  2. Well I speak english so this doesnt really concern me, but I'll post this anyway. is probably the response you will get
  3. Sounds good, I agree completely. As the site becomes bigger, the more spam/other useless stuff you are going to get.
  4. I have Camtasia Studio, it sounds like it was make for what you are doing. It can record the screen, your voice (with a microphone of course) and the sound your computer is outputting. It can also have a live video input eg. digital video camera. Camtasia Studio is about $300 so if you are going to buy it I would think about it first, unless your company is quite big.
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    You could also set up and invisionfree forum, that needs hardly any scripting at all. Its more of a user friendly way of doing it
  6. On a small scale it would be easy. Install an apache/IIS server, install PHP and install a thing called squirrel mail. Theres a complete walkthrough for the whole thing. I did it with no knowledge of webservers, PHP or mailservers.
  7. NO, unfortunately a home server doesnt do that, nor does any other server. The only reason you would want to host yourself if if you had a dedicated server that can handle the load, or its for testing/low traffic purposes. To get a domain name of any sort you have to pay unless you want a country level domain. eg. www.yourname.tk. Also as Skemcin said you probably have a static IP, so it would also be difficult.
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