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Hey all. I am finishing up my edit_profile.php page. I have everything working except the password part. It seems the browser is remembering the last password I enteredin a login. But I have the following code that is suppose to putthe MD5 protected password in it's spot.

<input size="30" type="password" name="password" value="<? echo $profile[password]; ?>" class="txtbox">

I have a check in place that can tell if the password has been changed or not, soit knows whether or not to change it in the database. But if your password is changedthen say you go back to the edit_profile.php page 2 minutes later to change something else,the browser remembers the old password. It does not echo out the MD5 password from thedatabase. Then it changed the password back to the 1st one I logged in with. Confusing question..let me know if it needs more explanation.Thank you,HoochEDIT** FYI I have this at the top of every page on my site

ob_start(); session_start();

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