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So, i'm helping a person with their forum. Everything's great except for one thing: The bbcode inserting function doesn't work in firefox. I think I have discovered the problem, it's the document.selection. From what I remember a long time ago, that's an IE only method. Correct? So I need to figure out how to make the function work cross-browser. I have also learnt that document.getSelection() works cross-browser, but how to integrate it? And do you see any other problems with this code? Thank you very much.This is the function that inserts the bbcode into the post box with the attribute name set as "post".

function createlist(){  f1.post.focus(); var selected = document.selection; var srange = selected.createRange(); srange.colapse; if(srange.text=="") alert('There is no text selected to format'); else { nq=srange.text.split("\n").join("\n[*]"); srange.text="[*]" + nq; }} function LBC(func){  f1.post.focus(); var seected = document.getSelection; var srange = selected.createRange; srange.colapse; var nq=srange.text; if(srange.text=="") alert('There is no text selected to format'); else { switch(func) {case 'b':nq="[b]"+srange.text+"[/b]"; break;case "i":nq="[i]"+srange.text+"[/i]"; break;case "u":nq="[u]"+srange.text+"[/u]"; break;case "img": nq="[img="+srange.text+"]; break;case "q":nq="[QUOTE]"+srange.text+"[/QUOTE]"; break;case "c":nq="[CODE]"+srange.text+"[/code ]"; break;case "url":nq="[url=http://"+srange.text+"]"+srange.text+"[/url]"; break; } srange.text=nq;}}f1.name.focus();

Thank you very much in advance.<Chocolate570>

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i don't know much about javascript, but if im not mistaken isn't it all case sensitive?instead of

case "c":nq="[CODE]"+srange.text+"[/code ]"; break;[/code]

shouldn't it be

[code]case "c":nq="[code]"+srange.text+"[/code ]"; break;[/code]

not sure if that will help, or if it matters.

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