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alert a variable, error?


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My script does'nt work as I want to...This is my java script:

	var name = "";	function alertname() {	name = document.getElementById('textname');	alert('welcome, '+ namn +'!');	}

This is the HTML:

<input type="text" value="" size="20" name="textname" id="textname" maxlength="20"><br><br><input type="button" id="buttonbörjaspela" value="Go!" onClick="alertname()">

The alert says:Welcome, [object HTMLInputElement]!I have no idea what's wrong...Please help...

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the problem was at the part in red color.To retrieve the text from the field you should use .value function alertname() { var name = document.getElementById('textname'); alert('welcome, '+ name.value +'!'); }

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